The Warnings

Of truth that becomes difficult believe that managers of public policies are not responsible for the situation of obscurantism that the country is experiencing, and as I said someone the biggest problem lies in that single no is that there is no light, is that there is no lucidez. No country can grow without energy, development goes hand in hand with an intelligent and well planned growth of the various resources involved in the expansion which means an improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants. Give the impression, that this well planned development has not been, so some experts say that the solution will be of medium and long term, is fundamentally not it rains (that helps) but you need to be efficient generating energy and anticipating their needs for consumption at the time. Of the 17 electric companies in Venezuela, only 3 were private. But it is good to warn that those three private companies only accounted for 15% of the assets of the national electric sector, 85% remaining were public. We can not deceive Venezuelans to make them believe that the lack of private investment is the cause of such situation. At the time of the enactment of the LOSE noticed the professionals in the sector and more specifically EDELCA professionals, about the need to increase the thermoelectric power plants at a rate of about 700 MW of annual generation. Also, we noticed about the need for modernization and expansion of transmission systems to 765 kV, 400 kV and 230 kV and corresponding subtransmission and distribution of electric power systems.However, despite the warnings made, EDELCA continued with the unique plan of infrastructure development that has remained constant in their development in Venezuela and thanks to which we are not to obscure all Venezuelans all hours of the day and night. We refer to the development of the lower Caroni.