The Control

The control of legality that verifies solely the conformation of the act or administrative doprocedimento with the rules of law conduct that it. It also has ocontrole of merit, that it aims at to the evidence of the efficiency, of the result, daconvenincia or chance of the controlled act. the legislative control, that exercido for the legislative bodies or legislative committees sobredeterminados acts of the Executive in the double line of the legality and the conveninciapblica, characterizes it to this as a control eminently politician, objectifying the superior interests of the State and the community. 3.2. The CONTROL EXERTED FOR SOCIETY One of questesque comes gaining prominence in the quarrel on the quality of the modern sociedadesdemocrticas is accountability, that is, the right that each citizen has to know on the performance of seusgovernantes and ' ' obrigao' ' of these governing to give accounts of suasaes, not only explaining the adopted politics and objectives, as well as, aforma as the public resources had been used and the reached results.

The meaning dotermo accountability has generated muitacontrovrsia in Brazil. The inexistence of translation for Portuguese and, mainly, the absence of meaning in the Brazilian reality takes the additional umadificuldade to if trying to approach the subject. According to Miguel (2005, n.25): Accountability dizrespeito to the capacity that the constituent have to impose aosgovernantes sanctions, notadamente leading back to the position those that if desincumbem bemde its mission and dismissing the ones that possess unsatisfactory performance, and seuexerccio if of the one by means of the control to be able established that them exerts unssobre the others (accountability horizontal), but, over all, the necessity queos representative has to give accounts and to submit it the verdict of the population (accountability vertical line). But independent dadireo (vertical or horizontal) that one intends for accountability, is necessary condition, despite not enough, so that it occurs that the information on the governmental performance estejamdisponveis so that all know legislators, eos government, society, citizens proper public managers, if the resources governmental they are utilizadosapropriamente and the effected expenses in accordance with the laws and regulations, verifying if the programs and projects governmental are lead of acordocom its desired objectives and effect, and the governmental services follow osprincpios of the economy, the efficiency, the effectiveness and the effectiveness.