The Berlin

15: Oo-17: oo is the respective individual care to offer sport and leisure facilities for the guests of the hotel complex. 17: Oo to 18: 3o the Animateur has generally leisure. Who to the entrance”is divided, welcomes the guests from 18: 3o to the evening buffet, otherwise start the shows and events of the hotel mostly against 20: 3o to which the Animateur is reinstated. Against 23: Oo ends the regular workday of the animator, where again there are exceptions. Who doesn’t these days, where a disco evening explode or a special highlight will be celebrated into the night. The animator is not surprised, if he even until morning against 03: oo may swing dance. Animators have standardized during the High season from March 1 day free until October in the week and also the accommodation and catering is provided free by pages of the hotels for the animator. By signing a contract of animation in a holiday destination of choice, animators go contractual obligations which are a work contract, nothing.

The terms and conditions of the contractual obligations are closely regulated and compliance with them is essential. It is also self-explanatory, that for example salaries only when satisfied work performance over at least 1 full month can be paid out. All remuneration and benefit claims, and free clothing, free board and lodging at the hotel, reimbursement of expenses for round-trip airfare can be guaranteed exclusively used throughout the main season from March to October. It appears at this point essential to represent us facts in this unique form, because throw at premature departure and regular shotgun in the grain” every year countless damage and disproportionate organisational effort for the hotels and agency emerge. The work of animator is no picnic, a commitment of at least 1 season from March to October, and a welcome reference in each curriculum vitae.

Undoubtedly, the experience of comprehensive activity as an animator is worth in the big world of tourism a hard school and gold? The Berlin animation Portal is looking animators for use in Turkey, Dubai and Egypt for the coming season 2010. Complete applications, including recently letter, curriculum vitae, and at least one full body shot can still until October, 2009 at our Berlin office in the express ho would like to learn more will find all information on the subject of animation and application as an animator on our Internet site. Giullia Levinston.