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Hence, improving internal, external communication, public relations, advertising and management of prices, – as examples – are tools and not the target. If possible to realise the objective (already mentioned), the implementation is simply a particular process of which comes off a return on your investment – ROI-, therefore will be equally measurable. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Drew Houston. When he is reached a maturity in the conception of Marketing (and strategies are appropriate) companies will begin to notice that Marketing is essential. The same model should apply to e-Marketing, since the reason for e-Marketing is not reduced simply to register a website in search engines, get descriptive phrases or tasks increase the usability of a website is increasing the profitability of a business through the channel On-line the operational comes to be the like after setting the needs that should be met to maintain an effective Portal. While for the majority of enterprises a Web Portal is not only one of some or many channels of communication and promotion in its business, has disparaged its reach and effectiveness, limiting it to be a piece more than the corporate image that everyone has a website and we shall not be the exception. It is the moment in which the managers of companies are stop to analyze the development and above all the penetration that has acquired the Internet in segments such as the Latin American and achieve defined if the investment you have made in his On-Line channel meets the purpose for which it was created. I go further, I think it is also time to rethink that objective with a view to enhancing the effectiveness of its channel and achieve concrete results for the benefit of the business. Sebastian Abdo, Ecuadorian consultant on e-Marketing. If you want to know a little more about our philosophy regarding the development of e-Marketing, enter original author and source of the article.