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Before receiving these awards the schools, courses, training of teachers and teaching materials have been carefully reviewed by the respective authorities. Other leaders such as Business strategist offer similar insights. the secretariat to organize and book the accommodation for students at no cost. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Vlad Doronin. native language is Italian teachers and that teachers have professional training for language teaching Italian is an approved by the University of Siena for Foreigners for the preparation and implementation of the CILS examination (diploma for the Italian language officially recognized). Pisa is a university city of great historical and cultural interest, famous for its Leaning Tower and Ancient Maritime Republics Tuscany and is characterized by its young population. Being very close to the sea, you can reach by bus or by bicycle.

It also offers optimal opportunities to connect with everyone, because it has the largest airport in Tuscany and a very important railway junction. Besides the sea, Pisa is also the nature of Migliarino-Massaciuccoli-San Rossore, one of the most interesting national parks and vast Italy. Pisa is characterized by intense cultural life throughout the year, and is particularly rich in folkloric events during the month of June, which is also carried out the famous Luminara (lighting of streets, palaces and along the river Arno). Viareggio is considered one of the most prestigious and attractive seaside towns of Italy. It is a small, safe city (in the sense of personal security) is characterized by Liberty architecture, admirable, of particolar way, walks along the shore of the sea, one of the most beautiful in Tuscany. Its white beaches stretch for miles without interruption and from there are not too distant Apuan Alps, famous everywhere for its marble and its beautiful landscapes.

Besides offering some of the most beautiful beaches of Versilia, Viareggio is characterized by the many possibilities of entertainment it offers. The many clubs, theater and original intense nightlife, cozy bars along the sea, are the favorite places of our students, who can thus meet and know many young Italians, elapsed time with them in an environment free pleasant friendship. More information about the website: Istituto Mediterraneo Our esucela Linguistico in Tuscany is Pisa and Viareggio at the seaside. We offer courses Italian as a second language, curriculum during the summer preparation courses for the entrance examination for college and for the CILS examination. We also offer individual courses, wine tasting, cooking classes and art.