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LCD technology in the sales of new year’s Eve and well accepted offers of these celebrations of Easter, has been accepted the imposition of LCD technology in the television equipment. And it is that elegance, excellence, quality of vision, adequate prices, which every day are made more attractive, together with the possibilities of having excellent services in Mendoza LCD make the imposition of its use by the lovers of the distractions that we can enjoy through the already badly called small screen. What is an LCD system? LCD screens are made up of thousands of tiny liquid crystals that allow light to pass through or blocking it depending on the electrical charge that have applied to them. And what today appears as a great technological innovation dates back to 1888 when Friedrich Reinitzer, chemical that was investigating about carrot extracts rich in cholesterol, found that they show two points of fusion and generation of various colors, presenting these results at the Vienna chemical society. In conclusion, a liquid crystal or LCD screen (acronym in English which represents liquid crystal display) is a thin screen and flat formed by pixels in color or monochrome placed in front of a light source or reflector.

Each pixel of an LCD consists of a layer of molecules aligned between two transparent electrodes, and two polarization filters. The surface of the electrodes that are in contact with the liquid crystal material is treated in order to adjust the molecules of liquid crystal in an address in particular. This determines the name of some technologies such as the TN (twisted nematic) where the arrangement of electrodes alignment is in perpendicular position, giving rise to an organization of these of helical or twisted shape. According to the amount of energy that reaches the arrangement of the electrodes will be modified originates the shades of gray to black.