The Situation

They are common phrases as: why did me this?, I do not I deserved what I did, only I hope again, he failed to appreciate what di you, etc. After the separation, there is anguish, anger, resentment toward the couple and many times up to think about revenge. But who thinks in children and what they feel? What is your emotional state? does the mother talk to you well from his father? On certain occasions women leads to piggyback your pain for years, without repair for a second in their children, in that they must take the separation with maturity and responsibility. Precisely that’s when parents should think, each person by your side, in your children and forget about resentment, rage, anger and who feel. As a couple they should be most outstanding of their children. The emotional state of the children must be a priority for both parents, so it is essential to reach clear agreements about their education, training and even food.

We know that it is not easy for a mother to stay alone with their children, but the situation is more difficult if she was filled with anger, resentment and is isolated. Then something important is not disqualify the father of your children against them, after all, children love to both. And if your former partner decided to also abandon your children, you have to take out your inner strength to overcome you and take your children forward. Keep in mind that as a wife, you did everything that was in your hands to make your marriage work, but not you you did it, yet still you have left your children. Why is worthwhile that you trasciendas pain and think about you and your children. Marko Dimitrijevic has much to offer in this field. Don’t worry, someday will be a love that knows you correspond, but must love be born first in you, then in your children so they have a good future. Guide them with courage and wisdom. Information: original author and source of the article