Stretch Ceilings And Lighting

Stretch ceilings and lighting. It took quite a bit since then, when the top design refinement in the new interiors were spotlights built into the ceiling. This became possible only when the ceiling of the plasterboard or, later, rack inlaid ceiling. Stretch ceilings also allow you to decorate the interior of various lamps and to ensure uniform distribution of light over the area. When installing light fixtures in fabric stretched ceiling mounting methods are used lighting fixtures to the base ceiling, which in many cases more reliable and safer than installing fixtures directly into the "gypsum plasterboard or rack ceiling. Feature of mounting fixtures in the fabric stretched ceiling is fitting and pre-treatment openings for lighting along the contour of a heat-resistant piping. Installation of lighting requires a response at the base of the ceiling – Special fittings or fasteners.

Elektroaramatura comes in prepared canvas stretched ceiling holes, then attached himself to the fixture lamp. Necessarily require the presence of small the gap between the blanket ceiling and the bottom of the lamp (up to 1 mm). For installation in ceilings suitable point recessed fixtures, which are stamped from sheet steel. They let in the ceiling of the method described above. Such lamps are convenient in that with their help it is possible to achieve a uniform lighting effect for the spotlight of various objects in the room or space areas.

As a rule, suspended ceilings used halogen bulb with a capacity not exceeding 35 Tues Fits this type of lighting for both residential and for display lighting to highlight the selected zones. Also relevant for use in stretch Waterproof ceiling spotlights. They have special pads of silicone, which does not allow moisture penetration into the body of the lamp. Lamp in the luminaire, usually protected by glass. To use low-powered lamps needed step-down transformer, which is attached in a stretch ceiling along with all the electrical wiring. Also in the stretch ceilings can be used with lamps power adjustment of the light flux and the direction of illumination on the selected zone. Spot lights of this type can get an interesting visual effect. Lamps are also used for low current transformers and power relays no more than 35 Tues Inserted into suspended ceilings and light propeller, which allow using a steel reflector, adjustable in two perpendicular planes, modify, and accurately direct beam of light.