Diablo Game Description

Diablo – the game has opened a new gaming genre – RPG-Action The game is set in the caves near the village of Tristram. Log into the dungeon – zabroschennaya kladbizhe church, located on the north-west of the village. In the story of the game The devil, the world's main evil escaped to freedom. And hell ready to swallow up the world of mortals. However, not all that bad.

In the village there is a traveler who is determined to fight against evil. This traveler – you. Arriving in the village of Tristram you will know that Most residents fled because of sguschyayuschihsya tuch over the place. You have to hand a simple sword that served you faithfully for many years. On the belt a couple of bottles with the healing life drink that in a dangerous situation may instantly fill the vital forces. In front of you – 16 levels pozmelely going down. Going lower and lower you have to fight all the more powerful creatures of Hell. Initially, this will be the cowardly apostates and weaknesses skeletons, and at last to level – the black magicians and hell knights clad in armor best.

The game will be a lot of quests, but the key – to kill Diablo. Cope with it will be not easy, but it's understandable – after all, the world evil. After his death, will be shown the final movie, hinting at the fact that evil is not defeated. But if the game was just so – it would navryadli memorable. In a multiplayer Diablo. By purchasing a license disk can be played on Battle.net with any players on the planet. Fight with the clouds as much mischief in interesting company. Constant battles, the sea of adrenaline, the passage of dungeons with your friends – that's what the game Diablo. Many years passed and the game industry is far stepped forward. Graphics are now striking realism, all the events in the game – like the real thing. But even now, among these games in the corners of gaming forums you can see the theme of "where to download Diablo" "who will be on the grid in the first Diablo?". It says that the game is really the world. Download as "lite" version of diablo here: Diablo and Hellfire.