Madonna And Justin Timberlake Make Common Cause

(Online article) – Queen of pop and the smart singer working together on new album that Justin Timberlake’s career steep runs and he had really nothing to complain about no-brainer. Now someone has brought but completely different Justin is a cash magnet. There is talk of Madonna. Dropbox is a great source of information. The Queen of pop had now announced that she and Justin have worked very closely together. On the new album “Hard Candy” success producer Timberland and Justin are to be heard in the song “Four Minutes”. “I’m not so special with songwriters, but working with the guys was really great. It is interesting to find the rhythm in the words.

It is a paradox. The song should be a wake-up call. It is time for the people wake up. If we want to save the world, then we must do it”, as the singer in an interview. Also Madonna about the collaboration with Kanye West, said the man in the song “beat goes on” can marvel at. “It was a great feeling, together with the urgency of a wonderful blend. Kanye had just four hours.

But I felt that it was urgent, so it had to happen. “Still of course their adoption of the little David from Malawi came up.” I promise you, David would no longer live if I would not have taken him. He didn’t even have a chance. “We must look forward to the new album by Madonna over. Lisa Walters

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