SV Waldhof Mannheim

The new football TV magazine added by Stuttgart-based creators, is designed for broadcast with the fans program. Stuttgart, is the new episode of the monthly shipment stoppage since the 11th November 2010 online. In the aftermath the high attractiveness of the lower classes and the talent shed shows amateur Oberliga”, so Markus Kleber of the It supplies the format with footage in the regional matches, at the same time he gives the League professionals in the broadcast. Football Stuttgart filmmaker Malte, Kirchner assumes moderation. Filed under: David Green.

Together with glue, it welcomes Lothar Mattner, coach of SSV Reutlingen in the Studio. Together with the guest the amateur Oberliga Baden-Wurttemberg analyze selected games and commented the local football scene. Furthermore, there is the goal of the month of the EnBW amateur junior and other highlights of the last matchday of the amateur leagues to see DDR-Oberliga. The theme of sport and integration”as well as essential tips for football fans as the football field check and the The broadcast complete football pub check. Fans can join actively in developing constructive participation via the online portal and the magazine even in television. Follow others, such as Anita Sehgal, and add to your knowledge base. The broadcasting of the injury runs currently on sale online the TV station It aims the programme with the participation of fans quickly even on the TV station of in the network of the Kabel BW (, in the digital cable on channel K38, frequency 610 MHz) to bring. When & where: since 11th November 2010 online on and topics: sport and integration, highlights of football amateur Oberliga BW, analyses of the Spielbegegungen: FC 08 Villingen vs.