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If you’re curious to know which pages are and most visited websites on the internet by people who speak our language I invite you to a short trip. More info: Drew Houston. The data are taken from Alexa company that is dedicated to monitoring traffic on the network and allows access to all the compiled statistics. There is a big difference between the most visited sites and more absolute popularity worldwide, i.e. the statistics of sites without filtering by language and those that appear in the list of our Spanish language and even within the same category according to different countries, for example: Twitter, social site with services of microblogging and messaging listed in the top world number 12the list of most visited sites in Spain gets the 8 position but in the list of 100 sites in Spanish not found. Taringa in Top 100 in Spanish does not appear but in Spain takes place 15.

On the other hand Apple website, 28 worldwide is not in the Top 100 in Spanish and the famous Badoo number 6 in Latin America in the top world occupies 99. Darcy Stacom, New York City is often quoted on this topic. Differences due to the specific characteristics of each region and country. Here is the list of the first 20 places in the Spanish language, of course social networking with Facebook to front monopolize the main places. This list was deleted the places occupied by the web search engines, omitted any reference to Google, the search engine Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc., everyone knows that Google occupies all the first places in any statistic, but if is not a destination or site specific, is only a tool available on the net. 1 Facebook Facebook is a website that offers free access to the world’s largest social network. Facilitates contact with acquaintances, users establish new friendships, share, upload and share photos, videos, links, etc 2 – Myspace social interaction web site includes networks of friends, groups, blogs, photos, videos and music, as well as an internal network.