Gift of Kings do not know if it was Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar, but soon you find out which of them brought to my children all those gifts so complicated, without hesitation I grabbed it kicked out immediately. When we wake up on January 6 I acknowledge the pleasure that gave me watch them faces opening packages against their shoes. This lasted a few minutes as we should immediately go out and use them, the pressure was enormous and also within a few years I would like not to receive a call from the psychologist blames me that I was the cause ‘ master of the greatest childhood trauma, therefore my children hate me and not allowed to see the grandchildren. It would seem that I am cranky by large number of gifts, but in reality they were not so many. For male, an inflatable crocodile, a dog futuristic style to batteries with remote control, and several trout Dvds from Playstation.Para the baby arrived: a game of pot and covered with plastic, Barbie’s don’t know what Island atorranta, the disguise of Cinderella and an inflatable elephant.That morning I figured that they arrancarian with los chiches terrestrial, but soon took to give me account that severe was my mistake. To 11 AM exit swift anywhere where would water although it was stagnant for brand new life jackets. Arrival, beach full loading chairs, sunshade, the cooler and bulk bags, sand thousand degree burn me soles of feet, given the kids allergic to collaborate or even carrying his own games, walk 200 meters to find a space of 2 square metres, nail stick umbrella, put sunshade, gentle breeze, umbrella back, small increase in (the same every so caressing my flag) Pampero flight sunshaderunning out to look for her, alert general reproches several ladies that had children playing, and a big fat with pint of Boxer retired suddenly stopped wanting to exercise his fists on my face again.