PETA Is Considering Extensive Posting Shock Images At Turkish Airports

“Drastic measures: Turkey tourists should be confronted with animal misery Turkey dogs are tortured enlighten PETA already in March the animal had the poster of Turkey – designed together with Turkish welfare organizations simply hell for dogs” sent to the Turkish Ministry of culture and Tourism Minister Gunay, and prompted them to take action for the animals. So far no response from Ankara came, PETA plans extensively to illustrate all Turkish tourism airports. Turkey holiday not very idyllic PETA launches campaign against animal cruelty every year also hundreds of thousands of German tourists spend their holidays in Turkey. The suffering of homeless animals well behind the walls of the hotel remains hidden many of them”, so Magdalena Scherk from PETA. A large poster advertising could open your eyes to the atrocities in Turkey all tourists already at the airport.” web/im_urlaub.1392.html although the Turkey already a welfare law adopted in 2004, thousands of homeless dogs and cats are still victims of human violence. They are poisoned, shot, imprisoned, disposed, and seemingly forgotten. PETA calls for not much more than that the Turkish animal protection law is respected and that the overpopulation human and persistent suppression of homeless animals by means of birth control. A harmonious holiday atmosphere is made by the official campaign of Turkey tasty potential Turkey tourists, costing hundreds of thousands of homeless animals in reality but life.

“Every year mainly in tourist destinations animal cleansing carried out, which are cruel and totally useless,” so Scherk next. PETA have been looking for many years with the authorities the conversation. Now it was considering drastic measures to take to finally make the authorities to act against the atrocities. About PETA PETA works closely with Turkish animal welfare organizations and helped to find supporters for the first animal protection law in Turkish. Some suggestions from PETA were adopted in the legislative text. Now let there be high time that the law will also consistently implemented. web/ueber_peta.33.html