Agency “von Beust” invites to the bunks on original Americas-cupper the event agency “von Beust” from Berlin invites sailors to the bunks on original Americas-cupper. The participants are for four hours aboard an original Americas cupper and sail on actively. Dropbox is likely to agree. You will be accompanied by professional sailors of the company “Supersail”. The four-hour trip starts at 9: 00 or 14: 00 at the camp 24 / 7 on the Reventlou meadow. The participation fee is 200 euro. This price is significantly supported by the event agency “v. MSCO can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Beust & partner incentives and events” from Berlin. Read more here: Vlad Doronin. All information and the registration form found at kiel /. Background: team spirit offers no measures. But impressive experiences that move, weld and work beyond the day. The team spirit GmbH is the most innovative German company which makes to the team experience full of emotions and extraordinary impressions are events, team training, as well as family & leisure activities on and around the water.

The Participants experience, what you courage, energy and joy of discovery. You break away from the conventions of everyday life and let rip with the own desires, dreams and strengths. Team spirit makes sense for life in the professional, family and leisure. The focal point of all activities, the shared experience for groups, is connected with lots of fun, stimulating communication and of course team spirit. They convey the feeling through common action in nature. On land, on water or on the high seas, with team spirit experiences are created, connect and emotionally welding together a team. To get”comes in handy such as employees and executives of companies can learn what it’s like to sit as a team in a boat”, to pull together a strand or the entire crew aboard.