Opioidpeptide Rosea

Following connections are written to the stimulating and adaptogenic properties of Rosavin of plant Rhodiola rosea extract: p-Tyrosol Salidroside (synonym: Rhodiolosid and Rhodosin) Rhodionisid Rhodiolin Rosin Rosavin Rosarin Rosiridin standardization of extracts is currently with the extract part of Rosavins. It has been shown in studies, that p-Tyrosol is absorbed after oral administration easy and dose-dependent, however no pharmacokinetic types available are the adaptogenic compounds in Rhodiola rosea contained other. The mechanisms of action of the protektiven effects, so the adaptogens Properties on the cardio-pulmonary system and the central nervous system effects of Rhodiola rosea were attributed primarily to its ability to influence the concentration and activity of biogenic Monoamines, such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the cerebral cortex, brain stem and hypothalamus. Still, it is assumed that changes the Mono amine concentration based on the inhibition of enzymes, which are responsible in the brain for the Mono amine degradation and the relief of neuro transmitters transport. In addition to these central effects Rosavin is an extract of Rhodiola rosea plant reportedly able to prevent the Katecholaminfreisetzung and the subsequent increase of cyclic AMP in the myocardium as well as by the acute stress-induced decrease in adrenal Catecholamines. The adaptogenic activity of Rhodiola is also the consequence of an Indukation of the biosynthesis of Opioidpeptide and an activation of key and perifera opioid receptors under certain circumstances. Clinical indications of chronic stress: in endurance tests, which rose after oral administration of Rosavins Swim time of rats to 135-159%. Rosavin-treated rats exposed for 4 hours and specific stress, the expected increase of beta-endorphin were significantly lower, or was not detected. The scientists concluded that the distinctive, stress-induced disturbances along the axis of hypothalamus pituitary adrenal gland by Rhodiola supplementation can reduce or completely prevent. Accepted result of this plant extract is weakness conditions (acceptance of professional performance, insomnia, irritability, hypertension, loss of appetite, headache and exhaustion), which may cause strong mental or physical stress, flu-like effects, other viral infections, depression, anxiety, Burnout Syndrome, other diseases as a result a very useful therapeutic agent for the treatment of in the first place.