ITH Opponents

Everyone wants to try to sell the May 3 off suit. What was even more ironic is that our annual meeting of the forum began the next day and about 20 members of ITH had arrived in time to see action. I knew that this hand would receive a standing ovation from the crowd when showing. But he was playing 5 3 offsuit to the crowd. The position of the hand called for a rise to two cards. The only question was how much rise.

If it had risen too, an adversary could detect weakness and decide to pay a mediocre hand. If too little rose, my opponents would give pot odds to pay. I decided to raise $ 17,000, which, seeing it now, I think was very little. Surely my opponents left thinking that he wanted paid and showed a lot of strength, but was giving odds of 3 to 1 for paid. Some of my colleagues commented after they were sure had a good hand, given the amount bet, so perhaps too much to convince my opponents that had a monster hand. Fortunately, all my opponent decided to fold, and I had to play my hand in heads up. I showed my hand, 5 3 off suit, and the crowd, mostly members of ITH, went crazy. year could hardly believe my eyes when my opponent showed a pair of twos! year alone almost won a free chance to win $ 32.500, but also had two overcards! The power of 5 3 offsuit prevailed again, got a pair on the flop that lasted until the end.