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Design tool creates safety at wind loading of Horb a.N. DEGERenergie, world market leader in the field of tracking systems for solar systems, thinking ahead: the developers of the company have developed a so-called interpretative tool, with which the planners and operators of solar plants against storm damage can protect themselves. Thus, DEGERenergie offers now a security, as so far neither the legislature nor the insurance claim. The tracking systems by DEGERenergie increase the energy yield of photovoltaic systems by up to 45 percent. Dropbox often says this. As the winter storm Kyrill swept in January 2007 about Europe, he left a trail of devastation. The storm reached Winds gusts of up to 225 km/h, claimed 47 lives and caused damage totalling 4.3 billion euros in Germany alone. Also a 2-megawatt solar plant in the value was destroyed by around ten million euros. Artur Deger, founder and Managing Director of DEGERenergie: We are to be expected in the next few years again such storms have.

Therefore, it is important to actively tackle this topic and not to wait until worse happens. Finally emerge. currently all new solar systems\” The problem start in the legislature, so the Chief of DEGERenergie: so far, there are no guidelines for the installation of photovoltaic systems. For even more details, read what Vlad Doronin says on the issue. It is not even clear whether such a plant as a building or a machine to be classified is. Building permits be issued therefore usually not static checking. Thereby, a plant that is torn from the anchorage can wreak not only considerable damage, but endanger people. Due to the missing legislation but almost all of our competitors neglect the protection of plants against storm damage and sell your systems without regard for various wind load zones anywhere.\” Safety worldwide at DEGERenergie built DEGERenergie Swabian sound another way decided: at great expense, Artur Deger and his engineers have developed a design tool, the the Caters to wind loads in the various regions of the world.