Educational Modern

The sovereignty of the man is hidden in the dimension of its knowledge. Francis Bacn Is very correct what contributes the Ing. Francisco Guerrero, who are needed a University where teaching, investigation and extension integrate themselves in a single great university task, becoming rich mutually, and they are applied, to the search of solutions for the problems of the society and the nation. A University that this conscious one of the globalisation of the knowledge and by the same integrated to the great academic and scientific telematics networks, and that participate actively in the international and regional university world. A University that accepts the evaluation by its pairs and that practices the systematic self-evaluation of all activities.

In addition, that conscious of its social responsibility, without reduction of its autonomy, recognizes that she is subject to the evaluation by the society of the efficiency and effectiveness of his performance. For it is important to count Thus on a good educational plant, the Schools of Administration of many of the Faculties of Economic sciences of the national universities, especially the public ones in the case of Venezuela that it involves to us, must evaluate, analyze their reality with respect to their plant of professors in charge to collaborate in the qualification formation of the licensed futures in administration that of their sine withdraws. The universities must be more serious in the hiring of the educational ones that are committed in the formation of the professional, to select them on the basis of experience, knowledge, academicism, pedagogy, not by political, familiar commitments, of friendships, but by academic merits. To repay a right pay to them, wages agreed to the quality of life that the present demands, to motivate them constantly, with courses, qualification of high level. One is due to consider in addition the characteristics to the present scenes, especially the Venezuelan, who is turbulent, of uncertainty, with great risks, presenting/displaying an enterprise sector in crisis, especially his SMEs, product of the political instability, that has been declared socialist and whose laws, programs, that given Hann has generated passage to serious repercussions in the operation of some companies, that have stopped operating and others they do, it with low productivity, fear, affecting seriously to the country in some roubles, where the government has had merit of imports to supply the national markets.