These findings can be implemented in practice by the health-conscious person in addition complements the necessary nutrients in the form of capsules and tablets to a healthier way of life. Navitum Pharma has designed complementary balanced diets in the form of tablets and capsules, which are based on the results of the scientific investigations. Capsules are highly purified linseed oil with much plant pure Omega-3 fatty acid ALA as OmVitum and the antioxidant vitamins C and in special delayed release form are available as CorVitum for dietary treatment of atherosclerosis. CorVitum (PZN 0243079) is content – and dose-identical with the investigational drug in a large study of arteriosclerosis that showed the favourable influence of the two antioxidants on the progression of atherosclerosis. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dropbox. OmVitum (PZN 0262160) contains ALA concentrated in vegetable capsules and is a special patented process from highly purified Linseed oil is produced. Both drugs are matched according to type and quantity of their ingredients right on the study documents.

They can be replaced therefore not simply by other products, including similar composition. The company offers also a combo pack of both products as CardioPlus for health-conscious consumers.