Common Word

In English basic or general Which is the word common more difficult to pronounce for speaking of the Spanish? English basic it means that your listeners could be able of entenderte. Therefore, we must face and dominate to the sounds and the most difficult words. Translated by Alejandra Vallejo Which is the word common more difficult to pronounce for speaking of the Spanish? This is a difficult question, and must have many answers. After all, many speakers of English native do not know how to pronounce all the words. For example, many speaking native ones have problems with words such as epitome” (easy for you because e” in the end he sounds) and by this, they simply avoid to use some words. But for the Hispanic student of articulation of English What common word heads the list? In my experience this is available” (available). This word presents/displays five separated points of articulation. 1 av = av of oats 2.

ai = .ei (and not ay” of caray” as it sounds in Spanish) 3. = .la 4. ble = bal, because e” of the end it must be dumb 5. emphasis (tilde) on ei”. Thus we have: AV EI BAL the articulation of this word is especially difficult because of the confusion in Spanish between b” and v” (a confusion which does not exist in English). Also, if your first two syllables of available” they sound to similar abay” in Spanish, who never listens to you will be able to guess what word you these trying to say.

Another simple word that causes problems in the English spoken is world” (world). I fodder that this must to the three followed consonants that the word has. It is almost impossible to say them exactly. English people in England (Not in all Great Britain) cannot pronounce the letter r” and usually she does not try it. For them pepper” (pepper) she is pepa” and letter” (letter) leta.” is ; You would not have to try or to imitate this type of articulation. So this means that English people say uoold” (or of pot) instead of world”. Scottish people is famous to pronounce the letter r” very hard, so they say to something similar uarrald”. The correct international sound is something enters types both. You do not have preocuparte by this, because as always she happens in English, the context will help to make your meaning clearly. In addition there is no another word common in English that world.” can be confused with ;. The unique possibility is wold” , which is so regional and dark that I not even go to decirte what means. If you are a person who confuses world” (world) with word” (word), then you would have to notice that although they are very similar, the phonetics of world” uorld” is ; (or of pot and one ” d” weak in the end) and for word” uarD” is ; (to of oats with D” hard the end).