Chitica Caramel Candies

Candy is good for the soul. Mark Stevens is full of insight into the issues. Also the owner of the online shop have imagined that. And therefore offer a large assortment of candies of a special kind. Mannheim, the 22.06.2011 – the online shop has specialized in the Delicious caramel candy Chitica. So that even those who do not live in Mannheim, may experience an explosion of taste in the mouth, there are available for purchase the caramels in a wide selection in the online shop of Although the online shop is not the world of sweets, but a fine selection of candies.

Because we know that taste, there are a variety of: caramel candies in the varieties of vanilla, fruit mix, cocoa, coconut, Advokat, and peanut. If you like fruity relies on the variants of Apple Cinnamon, cranberry or Sorbus Aucuparia. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from MSCO. The varieties of coffee, rum, sunflower, poppy, chocolate mint, sesame seeds and raisins are also exquisite and tasty. And for those, the just not enough of the delicious Caramel candy can get there to buy also the Chitica mix. By the way, there is the opportunity to play the game of “Chitica” together with friends currently on With any other friend, who plays with, increases the chance on the prize. Dariusz Naborny, owner of Chitica, sweet tooth, who do not live in the vicinity of Mannheim, where the Chitica sits, would like to offer the possibility of this unique taste experience. That’s why there are to order the complete range in the online shop of

The shipping is done within a few days and can be done apart from Germany also in EU countries and in the Switzerland. Already from an order value of 25, the package will be shipped free shipping. “In addition, you should use the opportunity to register as a customer with us. So you need to enter again your data not during any ordering process. Also you can subscribe to our newsletter and be informed about new products, special promotions and discounts”. ABOUT us, the online shop is headquartered in Mannheim. Over the Internet, but also comfortable, complete range can be ordered from Chitica. The shipping costs are extremely low, and already from an order value of 25 the delicious candies shipped shipping via DHL. Normally the goods leave the week six days, so the package usually within to days of one to two. “Chitica – dance with taste” this is the motto of the online shop. Finally the caramels are characterized by their unique taste and the diverse flavour compositions. Instead of buying boring caramels, here to get a special range of taste, for example from various fruits, cocoa or coffee.