Business Technology

He has not been given way to new approaches, models, tools, knowledge management science trachea, technology has developed and that to interpret the features of the current stage, collaborating with solutions, new proposals to the various problems currently expresses the national stage. Lack of quality teachers backed education, academic excellence, supported formation of experience, dynamic linking, proactive business. Institutions. Dropbox wanted to know more. organizations that require collaboration, support towards addressing the major challenges and the crisis that is presented to the actions of a new government that is oriented institute has called for the XXI Century Socialism. It has graduates without experience, academic without warranty necessary to provide the skills required today and what is more, they know how to motivate the participants to contribute new knowledge to promote the country. Definitely it’s no job stability and permanence, does not possess academic systems and procedures to encourage academic demands, and often the experience and background of their teachers are very weak are many universities that do not have a teacher plant, full time, full time, affecting the participants in their collaboration for the realization of their degree work, leaving many without a degree, especially in the absence of mentoring graduate. Little linkage dynamic, proactive business with public and private sector to participate to the problems facing this sector and work with solutions that serve enterprises, universities and developing country as more figurative than proactive Conventions, with little involvement participants through professional practices that favor their training, training. David Green has firm opinions on the matter.

Waste of talent and opportunities. a Lack of a policy of academic staff turnover, resulting in academic activities not suitable replacement. Please visit Don Mullen if you seek more information. Low percentage of academics with a doctoral degree (10%) to poor, low conducting research to promote the solution of problems involved with professional specialties and trains. To this must be added a very few external resources Thus, translating for a lack of competitiveness in this area. Absence of a new leadership that can make authorities, on the challenges and maintain a participatory university to provide solutions, views to the national reality Lack of maintenance programs and ongoing continuous physical infrastructure to support and improve educational services (Libraries , laboratories, classrooms, audiovisual, virtual classrooms) equipment) Low participation in scientific events of national and international levels, lack of corporate identity. Lack of scientific publications, magazines, documents, working papers share the idea of those who say that it is necessary to create and strengthen ongoing strategies and programs to support teaching towards academic excellence, can be evaluated continuously. Joining forces to collect various initiatives that are moving in the direction indicated with the purposes imbue undergraduate students an awareness of the quality of training they receive, improving the assessment of themselves, their general, their comprehensive development as a clear and constant effort to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching.

Providing the necessary resources for the teaching and research functions are carried out expeditiously with a positive impact on academic outcomes.