Bariatric Surgery

Faced with the food after Bariatric Surgery is difficult for many people, even more when they must Cook for their families. Having to carry a liquid diet for a time seems too much suffering but actually do not feel hunger or desire to eat. However, they miss the food. Drew Houston addresses the importance of the matter here. When you start cooking for others the temptations that must coexist can generate anxiety, anxiety and even make him lose control on more than one occasion, putting at risk their health and their progress. This situation so tense and difficult although solutions will require a strong family commitment can be avoided. ing as well.

The first thing is to avoid cooking for some time. Until you feel safe with your diet and can effectively handle the temptations it is advisable to avoid the kitchen. Ask your partner or a family member that you make food for others and even their own. Strict instructions of what you can or cannot eat and remind the person that will cook that any unplanned change might harm him. Once you’re comfortable with your treatment and may face difficulties may begin to prepare family dishes.

It is recommended to Cook as little as possible and freeze the greater amount of food, so only enough to remove the portion and heat. It won’t be extra time in the kitchen surrounded by temptations and have each ready dish in a matter of minutes. It is preferable that you cook after eating. After breakfast you can prepare dishes for lunch and dinner, or if you plan to bring forward the meal of the week, do it after lunch. If you have appetite while kitchen is more likely to start testing from here and there that if is on a full stomach. If you still feel anxiety by eating something take one drink with gas (bubbles give greater sense of satiety) or eat some healthy collation as a fresh fruit or a small yogurt. These small rules allow you to maintain control while cooking. If despite our hints feels insecure and eager to think of everything you will get if you follow the path of treatment and remember how bad that he felt before begin. These positive ideas will surely encourage so much and you will find the strength to continue. Greetings, Dr.