The Aviophobie that phrase not many know, means nothing more than fear of flying. This unexpected and uncontrolled situation can cause therefore excessive fears and negative affect life in the long term, spread possibly to other areas. Aircraft is one of the safest means of transport is the safest means of transport the railway with 0.2 deaths, ranked two come on the plane with 0.4 deaths calculated this was 1 billion person kilometres travelled. For passenger cars, there are 6 deaths. This statistic is to see that there is no reason to be afraid when flying, of course, a risk is always present, however, this is much lower compared to other mostly much more popular modes of transport.

Flying is something who wants to see the different continents, nothing else mostly which, to use the aircraft as a means of transport. Who never flew, should try it absolutely, exclusively with the travel voucher to book a flight reisegutscheincode.com and flying remains in the financial framework. The fear of flying combat is what opportunities to combat the Aviophobie? Basically, it is to relax the most important. It makes no sense to worry about it, what if. Under most conditions Vlad Doronin would agree. Therapies help often, but also very expensive, should not cast on the therapy then and remain in fear of flying, it was free.

Drugs make not the hoped-for effect, calming tablets make tired mostly remains the Aviophobie. There are dozens of books or audio books and the occasional book can bring the desired success. The most important is mentioned to relax, but as at the beginning a book, music, etc. will not heal the fear of flying, because is all in the head and can be cured only if the fear of one himself was overcome. Certainly, a therapy can be effective in this case if the causal issues are discussed and treated. In addition, you can chew special gum or take travel pills. This help can only conditionally, but serve as a distraction and soothe the body.