Austrian Federal States

Unstable Governments tend to profiling experiments outside or on the inside against the weakest. 6.2 New reform against the background of the overs of 2001 spring 2014 plans the Government reform Rome. Italy’s 110 provinces should be partially merged, restructured, and consequently abolished in individual cases. Provinces are subdivisions of the 14 regions limp similar to the districts of Austrian Federal States in Germany between County and district in Italy. A large part of the provinces of Italy is regarded as excessive bloating of the administration of duplication of responsibilities. Streamline the sub-State outline wants Rome decision way shorten and unleash economic potential.

This objective appears in time with the reform requirements, which faces Italy in the course of the euro and the economic crisis and which the Government Monti without foreign pressure has committed itself.xii However the planned reform could be the Authorities apply there as well, where it is redundant and not least make minority rights in question on the status of South Tyrol. The autonomous province of Bolzano”, is part of the relatively small region of Trentino-Alto Adige, which belongs to the also autonomous province of Trentino. This region is one of the regions with special status”, i.e. with greater financial autonomy and a directly elected regional Parliament. Applies to South Tyrol and Trentino in addition and once in Italy, that both provinces in the region are over. Only the regulations be further monitored by the regional administration of Trento / Trient.

This complicated design helps ensure that the South Tyrol autonomy conflict was quietly in the last twenty years. Appeal topics like the mentioned toponymy or the preparation of the declaration sheets before representative of the Fascist era not widened conflict of language groups as a whole, xiii but could despite agitation from nationalist parties of small South Tyrol internally be solved. Against this background, technocratic transformation intentions of the Roman government bureaucracy can open a Pandora’s box.