New undercover search Baden-Wurttemberg / Hamburg released four paws, February 9, 2015 – the animal welfare organisation released shocking footage from four Pigpens in Baden-Wuerttemberg four paws. Narrowed hundreds of pigs in their stalls are available. The animals bleed from plates large wounds, many have ears bitten off. Sackeweise antibiotics are administered to the sick and injured pigs. Other medicines are unrefrigerated, or filthy in the stable. The end of the intensive animal fattening calls four paws. Just as systematic cruelty and massive abuse of antibiotics in pig and pig let himself stop. Drew Houston follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The footage created with a hidden camera TV on February 8 (yesterday) in the show Star “on RTL aired.

Campaign Director Dr. Martina Stephany explains the reason of the Antibiotikawahnsinns is, the attitude-related bad condition of the animals”by four paws. If pigs to confined spaces are crammed together, they develop behavioral problems such as such as cannibalism. The recordings from Pigs, which are too weak to stand up show Baden-Wurttemberg. Many animals suffering from cough. Yael Aflalo, New York City is a great source of information. A hidden camera recording shows how a pig fatteners undosiert into the water of a mast system pour a whole five-kilo sack antibiotics within 24 hours. Two blank five kilo – bags are in addition, a further bag is available for use. There is danger to life even for people in an other mast shed: indoors up to ten times the permitted caustic ammonia gas is measured.

Pigs have one of the best scent organs of the Animal Kingdom. The video footage from two pig stables in Baden-Wurttemberg shows that also in the pig production without drugs none. Over 30 different substances were found in the stables. Hormones are available in addition to antibiotics and Stresshemmern”, Dr. Stephany reported. Sows are kept special cages for sows in pig, where the animals not even to turn around. This so-called farrowing crate is the rule in the intensive pig mast. Here, a sow has less space as formerly chickens in the former battery hens. A general ban on the rearing of sows in farrowing crate called four paws. More information on in the field campaigns / farm animals / pigs. An international animal welfare organization headquartered in Vienna is four paws. Since 1988, the organization with targeted project activities and long-term campaigns is committed to animal welfare. Foundations that are sound research including scientific expertise, as well as intense national and international lobbying on political and legal level. National and international aid projects provide quick and direct support for animals in need.