Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is essential for many people and/or companies online because it contributes to the realization of the personal and administrative tasks that need to delegate to his assistant virtualLas companies and even individuals may be overwhelmed working and they get confidence to delegate some or all of their work in a virtual assistant today with advances in technology many companies and/or people are very busy and have realized the importance the strategic delegation of the areas of work to a virtual assistant in that way be released and can focus on the key points in the development of your online business in order to obtain greater productivity. So one of the ways to get employment as a virtual assistant is in the virtual directories, in Website/Blog that offer virtual assistant jobs but if you’re a woman with entrepreneurial spirit, strong-willed, organized, meticulous, and independent, passionate about what you do and are in search of a job look No more! You can be your own boss How do I start? -training is vital if you are starting as a virtual assistant, but remember that if you already have work experience or some reference title, although they are valuable, it is not your best ally time of working as a virtual assistant that this profession that goes hand in hand with the electronic marketing recalls that must evolve as the technology every daynot only train you if you don’t take the reins and put it into action! -Decide that services want to offer, the world of virtual assistants is very broad and competitive, and gives you a myriad of specialties, develops potential that is within you – devotes time to know your market niche, studying the advantages and disadvantages of your competition you need to organize you as begin working schedule is better for you to produzcas to maximum and the time that you use to serve your customers, will help you make a budget of revenues and expenditures that you will have, is very important to know the legal aspects from the creation of your Website/Blog, do the contract of your customers, forms of payment and tax and others – is essential for you to learn the management of your time because the world online is very valuable and advantageous if you learn to manage it, since as virtual Assistant you become the Manager of your company, you must therefore manage and organize well your time to make your work effective and does not affect your personal life in your personal life or on the contrary does not influence in your business as I am to know? Web 2.0 is your friend and Adviser to undertake and develop your online business – need to buy a hosting and a domino to your own Website/blog, you have the decision of what image you want to have your Website/blog and that you want to convey, don’t forget that the domain name is important because it is the brand of your company so it should be as professional as your – Las uses social networks such as TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn and other networks because they are your allies to know and to publicize and gain potential clients many women today are giving a change to his personal and professional life with this new profession virtual assistant, and a better many men are deciding to join, if you want to be part of independent women then get ready and start working already success depends on it!. .

Economic and Social Postgraduates

The Faculty postgraduate Area and economic and social of the University of Carabobo, (Faces) has just given home through the specialty quality and productivity management graduate program your virtual classrooms through its departments of research, management topics, organizational behavior; Culture and ethics; Marketing. The specialty of the quality management program and productivity has considered the scope, implications and advantages that generates delve into the use of virtual classrooms, as for example between some as they have pointed out: significantly extend its reach giving greater possibilities to those who find it more away from training centres. Allow access to the courses with total freedom of schedules. It provides an environment for cooperative learning and work. Distribute the updated information quickly and accurately to all participants significantly reduces training costs. It does not require a physical space and prevents displacement participation dynamic and continuous.

Definitively through this opening offers a space of that interaction in their classes, both those which are purely virtual as also that using the virtual classroom as a complement of support for making it easier. She incorporates participants in the program, getting all the advantages generated by the scope, implications of the virtual classroom through the program that Faces computer centre provides, thanks to its director Mr. Angel Arteaga. Specializing in quality and productivity management programme is fully identified with the virtual classroom, which now becomes a new opening toward journalism, within reach for many who cannot attend formal classrooms, recognizes as some have suggested the new learning environment is becoming a powerful device communication and distribution of knowledge thatIt also offers a space to meet, guide and evaluate the participants. The classroom virtual, available online 24 hours a day, it offers the services and necessary features for distance learning and responds to the need of teachers and students of direct communication and immediate personal attention or deferred, providing the updated knowledge according to the requirements of the current scenarios, most in a dynamic, turbulent environment facing not only Venezuela, but the world. This opening begins with collaboration and pioneers in the use of this new learning teachers Dres. Andres Orama, Carlos Blanco and Carlos Mora V. in their respective chairs of ethics; Seminar of research and organizational behavior.

Thus management of quality and productivity program opens its doors to the public in general, especially for those professionals interested in these issues, who can find out about the scope, content of its programs making inroads in these chairs, in addition that will begin offering courses online on modern topics of management, quality and productivity, personal growth and research. Specializing in quality and productivity management program is in study be completed by it via on-line and opt for the speciality of management of quality and productivity without face-to-face assistance in traditional classrooms. Stakeholders can through Internet find out the goal, contents of this specialty Web page: or of the same University of Carabobo and delve into their graduate programs.

Support For SMEs

According to our vision, experience on the role of SMEs in the country, especially in an industrial region as it is that of Carabobo, in Venezuela, is observed the little collaboration, attention that both the national Government and associations, business confederations and the universities themselves do for SMEs. With regard to a role that me is more common, as it is that of higher education, especially at the postgraduate level, noted, that universities show little effort in dynamic linking with the SME business sector providing partnerships for the solution of the main technical, administrative, problems of training they face. To this is added, also the lack of vision of leveraging opportunity to management of SMEs from approaching these training centres that can help you to tackle the serious problems that arise, especially in a turbulent scenario that faces the country, the product of several factors, such as: shares of the Government with their economic, tax, tax plans and threats of intervention impact of competitiveness on the stage where active in presenting more developed enterprises, with strengths in its strategic plans, with a visionary, proactive management; Aggressiveness in the role of marketing according to requirements that modern consumers demand in favour of their needs. Training according to administrative requirements which the present demand, adequate use of technological processes to ensure minimization of costs, quality and productivity that identify more with universities, SMEs can obtain from these lots of collaboration based on advice, Diagnostics, performance that favors them towards the achievement of its objectives and that role that both crave and need at the present time. You must be out of that figurative role that we are accustomed to play for years, doing conventions just to pretend and not give step actions that really encourage everyone. It is incredible to see, as SMEs do not know the opportunities, linking with universities, wasting much human capital, collaborations that consolidate programs, well-defined plans according to your requirements, could help to meet the challenges, offer their products with guarantee of permanence and conquest of markets according to the needs of the present. The specialty of the quality management and productivity program for example, opened the doors to business associations, confederations, for example: Ceprocra, Capemiac, industrial Chamber, Fedecamaras, offering collaboration, support, advice on all matters concerning the development of a culture of quality and genuine productivity that favors him, since there are many SMEs that do not have it, wasting the opportunity to consolidate strengths in its operation, growth, as well as transforming many weaknesses that have to end of establishing plans, competitive actions that you favor. The program has invited its policies to participate in seminars, lectures and conferences to representatives of these organizations linked more dynamically to turn into reality the agreements, where each organization exhibits the work undertaken, its achievements and needs of collaboration with universities. Unfortunately everything’s in promise, letting the opportunity that this represents and which have been activated, the results of SMEs would be different. While such apathy towards the approach, knowing there is support in everything concerning development opportunities, training advice, appropriate use of human talent, ever, SMEs may optimize results that enable it to play the role for which you were created.