World Trade Center

When you click on that link, they can learn about the initiative based on the science that allows each of us to learn a way of being that it actually influence Earth fields. Click Drew Houston to learn more. In other words, you can learn how to have a positive impact on what results from this time in history. This project is about our relationship with the Earth through an existence based on the heart.Question: what is an existence based on the heart?Gregg Braden: A few years ago, our own science has made a radical and revolutionary discovery that changes everything in relation to the way that we think about ourselves and the world. What they found is that when we create emotions based on the heart, such as gratitude, appreciation, care-literally, using the muscle of the heart to create these emotions – what we’re really doing is generating a magnetic field inside our bodies that is part of the magnetic field of the Earth which undergoes the change.The magnetic field of the Earth rises, falls, and regulates everything from weather, ice sheets and sea levels. This magnetic field unites all life on Earth from a blade of grass until an Ant, a carp or goldfish, a hamster, to us. When many of us meet and create a common emotion, that experience is called coherence. Coherence can actually be measured.

Measures 0.10 Hertz of frequency. That is the measure of coherence created between the heart and the brain.Scientists first discovered about this during 9/11 when our satellites 22,000 miles in space began to register changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, when humans were feeling emotions about 11 September and of the World Trade Center. This is a surprise for science.They asked, why might people who experienced 9/11, perhaps affecting the magnetic fields of the Earth? No connection exists, it is not true? Well, wrong. They discovered that there is a connection and this has led to what is called the coherence Global.Los initiative project scientists are now building sensors that can measure these fields magnetic and intend to upload them to the Web site where you can observe the changes in the field in real time.