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Therefore not should surprise us, that everything is finished, give the feelings of rejection, the not wanting to continue sharing, unshare with someone that does not correspond to what is longed for. Is no longer projected on him or her, the unknown beauty but the shadow, everything what we hide ourselves and others. When we are caught up in what is called infatuation, where our energies manifested seeking increased, feeding those fields of joy, peace identification, but we are attentive, so authentic they are our feelings, we degrade us and but we take appropriate corrective measures, damages may be negative in our growth and what’s more, affect what can be generated from that infatuatione.g. children the truth, just as you can be our authentic infatuation, that really allows us to achieve happiness, can also engender a rejection, where we have the opportunity to recognize parts of ourselves that are normally out of consciousness, and, instead of projecting it in the other, finding a way to deal with them constructively. Click David Karp to learn more. So says Hansmanmn, avoid the damage that the inflated shadow of our ego makes us to ourselves and to each other. For its part, Buscaglia It suggests that sometimes the only way to understand the steps necessary to regenerate a seemingly desperate situation is to distance ourselves a time. The fact away from the problem gives us time to reorganize it and analyze it. In general the solution lies within our grasp.

When we move away from that weakened love to learn about new points of view, discover because we have failed, we are not escaping the problem, but found the cause that has led us to this situation. Surprise Yes is found in love, than what it encloses, and remember, be awake to discover that so authentic it is and prevent further damage. Head teacher, Faces, UC Ingeniero-Administrador Exatec postgraduate Area depends on you.