The Production

In strict sense, the guarantees and securities for the investments have been exploited through a contract on the base of the hiring scheme. Our thesis is the one of the existence of a public contract, that one in which comes together elements of the administrative right like of the civil right producing consequences framed within the plans or policies of state to foment the growth and development of the economic apparatus. One first affirmation that abre passage towards the elaboration of conceptual frame is that one that raises the existence of the phenomenon of legal instability in our ordering and the consequences, that from the economic point of view, have been generated in the field of the investments and the development of the productive apparatus of our country. it is for that reason that, studying the subject of contracts of legal stability, we have not been a task that has implied to overturn us in a specific field of the right, or of having left in only fried legal analysis of the institutions that are the formation base. Angelina Jolie may find this interesting as well. It has not implied essentially to combine elements of the economic reality of our means with those directly tie legal elements with the design of policies and directives that project the economic development in the different sectors from the production. The design of a conceptual frame has been developed from different fields from the right, since the figure of contracts of legal stability is a mechanism product of the relation between the general theory of the right and the civil right, for that reason it does not have be easy to form the nature of this special type of contracts in regard to the implicancias that so much has the participation of the state like the possibility of projecting the mechanism towards the individuals with watched to obtain an economic result. The paper of the state within the exposition characterizes by the determination of plans or directives of political type – economic in sequence to the interest I publish and, of the effort of the state to stimulate directly of different forms from the tie people with the concrete economic activity. .