God Know

The teacher looked at the group of students composed of 25 graders and said, "today we will know the symbols of our city and start with the flag" "Again the flag?", But they already know and We see them everywhere, Mercedes said a girl and taller than the rest, with her beautiful brown eyes wide open and protected by glass lenses. "Mercedes," said the Professor, you know well the country's flag but now know the flag of the city. We must know the symbols of our beloved people, because we only learn to want what is ours when we know not. " And then sin on the board a flag of three horizontal stripes of equal size in different colors. "Just love what we know, he asked Mercedes.

Then I must know a little better to love me more. And found out why they love their parents more than anyone else because you know from before birth. To humanity, who God knows better. Because he knows of their existence and their way of be long before his birth. The known since the time he thought of the existence of each of its creatures. In fact, Psalm 139 teaches us that God is aware of us even in the depths of our being, but that's not all. Besides protecting us know, his spirit with us wherever we go, we think, we review, we test, see us and guides us. The four stanzas of this beautiful and sublime writing, the author used to present us with various attributes of the infinite power of God: omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.