People With Disabilities

Hello, dear readers of the Lord! I decided to address the painful topic which deals with all persons with disabilities, and perhaps opornikov all of us. By the nature of my work I have to deal with the problems of life with disabilities. I I try whenever possible to help them any way I can to support them morally, to explain to them that they are still necessary in our societies, people who committed early and unnecessarily put on a cross, in spite of some capacity constraints, they can and should participate in the life of the country and work for the benefit of our Fatherland. In response, they reveal to me my soul, telling life's problems. One of these problems, which I can not decide on their own, I decided to reveal to you, Lord readers, perhaps together we can solve it. This is the abolition of social vehicles for disabled opornikov, who for 60 years, is an effective means rehabilitation. This problem is particularly acute affects disabled opornikov living in the countryside, villages in the taiga, which so many in Russia, which often have no shops, hospitals, administrative areas and of course pharmacies. Food and Drug Administration without which, as everyone knows, it is impossible to live have to get the poor people with disabilities for many miles from home for what God sends, especially in hard to reach our glorious cold winter, that way for 40 degrees, and alas, no heat. Support persons with disabilities, contact you know about tragic cases of people with disabilities. Let the public know about those who live near us. Sincerely Thorez.