Switzerland GmbH

Value added distributor expands its portfolio to solutions in the field of data loss prevention Schorndorf, February 10, 2009 the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. Angelina Jolie is open to suggestions. KG and the cynapspro signed a marketing, sales and support agreement for the region of Germany, Austria and the Switzerland GmbH. Cynapspro is a successful provider in the field of data loss prevention, the software solutions for protecting data at the endpoints of corporate networks developed. With numerous support and services for the new systems of cynapspro the VAD completes sysob further its broad distribution in the field of security. The bulk of the companies is now adequately protected against attacks on their corporate network from the Internet.

The biggest danger is however not immediately the threat from outside, but the lack of security awareness of employees and its consequences. The endpoints of the clients within the IT infrastructure of the company are particularly at risk. Modern mass storage devices such as USB sticks, CD-ROMs, DVDs or external hard drives make it very simple, also on highly sensitive data to attackers. In addition, security risks arise, when laptops are lost or are stolen by the unauthorized transfer files or use unauthorized software. Here the products and solutions of security specialists apply cynapspro, which it has made to the task to the described gaps in security. Cynapspro against internal attacks at the heart of the product offer of the new sysob partner cynapspro are the powerful device – and application – and data encryption solutions devicepro 2008, cryptionpro 2008, cryptionpro 2008 HDD and applicationpro 2008. Devicepro 2008 there is a solution to the intuitive device management in real time: A change in the AD(Active Directory) group policy and schema extensions is not required for the management of rights. Also offers cryptionpro 2008 individual encryption of external mass storage at the file level. Two solutions was a special Emphasis on supporting mobile employees.