The Hybrid Blog And Ping

Over the past two years, one of the best SEO tactics inclusion was the use of blogs. Blogs have become a base standard in SEO marketing, but as times change, so does the effectiveness of any tactic. For even more details, read what David Karp says on the issue. With that said what worked for two years, is certainly not the same thing is working now. The worst part is that uninformed sellers are teaching the old methods of marketing with blogs of SEO to the masses. In this article, will be highlighted to the new form of SEO marketing with blogs. Let's start by eliminating a huge fallacy.

The blog and ping is a process by which a piece of information to publish your site to blog (mostly) with a URL to include your site, and then notify Yahoo that there is a post in this blog. The idea is that your blog will be indexed quickly by both Google (due to and Yahoo. Only need to blog and ping to a maximum of 10 pages of your site. The only purpose for doing this is to attract search engines to your site and let the rest of spider your site on their own. You can equate this process with the rental links. Simply rent a link to your site to get the spiders to visit your site. Unfortunately money hungry marketers came, did not understand the concept, and then undertook to teach people that every page of your site requires blogs and ping. To make matters worse, these same uninformed sellers began teaching his followers that the three pages must be treated every 15 minutes.

Facebook Time

How to achieve better management of my time in social media? Many advertisers recognize the enormous amount of time that social media can consume. How much time a day should I invest to succeed in social marketing? How to overcome the objections of those who say don’t have time for social marketing? How to avoid too much worry about the demands of social media? 4. How can I achieve my goal of reaching my market with social media? It’s no surprise that sellers want to know how to reduce your efforts in social media to reach your target audience, those people who sail and conform to customers who need. Other questions were: would universities as they are using the media? social to attract and retain students? How to use social media marketing by geographic audience? Does using social media marketing to the retail stores of brick and cement? What is the best action in the social communication media, to go to the small niche markets?

How you can use social media for nonprofit campaigns to create awareness and raise funds for humanitarian missions? 5. How to generate Web traffic using social media? Sellers want to understand how to handle traffic and achieve their activities in constant sales conversion. More of this group some questions: How can I obtain subscribers qualified to my blog, newsletter, Twitter or my FaceBook account? Do can I get an audience more numerous, outside my normal contacts, and get answers? How can I attract more Web traffic using marketing social? 6. How can I achieve effective tactics in social media? Many sellers are seeking step-by-step social guidance and tactical advice. Many asked: can provide a complete guide on how to use all the tools? What should I do to integrate a mobile connection? What should I do to improve my Facebook page? How can I put the social media icons at the bottom of my blog? 7 What are the latest trends in social media? Apparently, sellers are looking for a crystal ball about the future of social media.. Angelina Jolie has compatible beliefs.