The Calendar

Onosso calendar has days to homage the people who in the past fizeramalgum act of love for the native land, and days of homage also for the people dasociedade. Tiradentes, the great one mrtir has its day of homage for its act of love to the native land. Diada child, them is angels and deserves homage. Osnamorados also has its day. Funcionriospblicos, that is the gears of the country.

Diado work to homage the worker who honors its life working to paraviver. Diado professor, those that take all for the top of the recognized knowledge and nor sempreso with the deserved value. Diados parents, that one that structure the family with all wisdom and vigor. Diadas mothers, the love purer than can exist. The day of the native land, to commemorate our freedom. many others as many days and dates special.

Epor that not to create in the calendar the day of the corruption and to offer it the corrupt ones to it? Homaging it does not stop them, corrupt it does not need homages and it would honor. Elesdeveriam if to bend ahead of the nation, ashamed for as much criancinhasfamintas and sick people, to the wait of remaining portions and crumbs to saciar the cruel hunger and asmuitas times until lethal. Secriarem the day of the corruption, who knows the corrupt ones can see the badness quecausam the nation? It wounds the brightness of the people. The man has that to have dignity and serhonesto. In the bible he is written that we have that to eat bread with the sweat of nossorosto, that is, to make for deserving. The corruption that them of the stewardship are osofrimento of the next one and the evil that it cause does not have dimension. Ours bandeiraest spotted, and exactly for that they would have to honor our colors, masao opposite of this, they dresses its tender fine ones and surrupiam all riquezanacional. This necessary illness to be cured so that the nation is happy. It loves onosso Brazil and it honors our native land. The man does not need to be great in being able, ahonestidade is that he must prevail.

Latin America

The country has a economy that more it grows in the world at least up to 2014 according to statisticians of the financial institutions international. The politician-democratic stability, pluralism and freedom of the press and expression, to only cite some. Brazil is the giant of the Mercosul and Latin America, emergent power, that almost did not suffer consequncias from world-wide the financial crisis for guilt of its efficient form of institucional management, with strong and organized institutions, with public politics applicable objetives and what it was valid to it to take off thousand of families of the poverty. Coxwain in the biocombustveis, Brazil for itself loads the CPLP to the coasts, therefore, it is also the contributing greater in the budget of the organization. Angola and the Angolans have everything its favor to affirm and to consolidate its position in the context of the nations, after all only he depends on us, and we are we who we must fight for such desideratum. As I left well underlined in my monograph of licenciatura and cite ' ' This lack of will politics is not only of the responsibility of the governments, however, it is also of all the society and universe lusfono, that even so it recognizes sufficiently its evolution in the last times with some sectoriais meeting and technician; it does not have regular meeting of the university students, the researchers and investigators, the creators of the beautiful arts, theater, cinema, music, acadmicos, fairs or expositions, of the professional and youthful associations partner, exchange of experience between institutions of superior education in the picture of the multilateral of CPLP and not bilateral cooperation of the governments. Little creativity also for the young and students to some levels to organize colquios, workshop? s, porting and cultural festivals, seminaries, activities that are vehicles of the diffusion and assimilation of the value lusfono in the states members, that must even though be promoted by the governments and incentivadas' ' , p 58, the CPLP Its Legal Proposals, Politics, Econmicas and Sociais in State-Member of 1996-2007, even so if verifies a dynamics in this felt. state-members must create more programs and projectos to involve the society and the young, so that the understanding of the fenmeno lusfono either aspect defended and spread out for all. My country had to narrow more and until financing projectos of the organizations of the civil society, of the youthful and estudantil associativismo in Angola and the PALOP, particularly in order cementing the responsibility politics and diplomatics of our brothers on behalf of the lusofonia and for guilt of its difficulties economic-financiers so that it has harmony in the march of the valuation and promotion of the Portuguese language.