Municipal Administration

It is the Power Authorized executive to enter in agreements with public and particular agencies, entities and institutions, aiming at to create conditions for the full implantation of the Plan of Integrated Local Development. Art. 4- Fica the authorized Executive to immediately initiate the implantation of the Plan of Integrated Local Development, as well as carrying through the permanent update of the related Plan. Such to say correspond to the general objective, which guides the action of the Municipal Administration of that decade, in regards to its politics of scioeconmico, urbanstico and Institucional development of Valadares Governor. This project of law had initiated its process of elaboration in 1972, the management of Mayor Municipal Sebastio Mendes de Barros, and concluded in 1973, the management of Mayor Municipal Hermrio Gomes Da Silva.

In the decade of 1970, the territorial growth of Valadares Governor counts on the sprouting of 19 new quarters being they: Village of the Mountain range, Village Park Is Joo, Azteca, Is Jose, Park Fraternity, Ozan Village, Supreme, Dwelling of the Valley, Hope, College student, Santos Dumont, Condominium Jother Peres, Mansion Besieges of the Flowers, Mariquita Village, Branas Mansions, Santos Dumont, Santos Dumont 2, Capim. In these years the process of expansion of the net of water supply to the quarters is initiated (TO SOUND, 1983). In this period the city already counted on diverse numerical registers of the industrial park. The Mines Institute of Tecnologia (MIT/1968) registered in cadastre 510 industrial establishments in this territory. The Social Service of Indstria (SESI), in a survey carried through in 1970, evidenced to exist 706 establishments.

Municipal Natural Park

A characterization of the landscapes that has taken in account the integration between the historical factors, cultural, ecological mainly institucional it can be determinative for the agreement of the space, generating a valuation and promoting attitudes preservacionistas stops finally with the environment and making possible the practical ecoturstica. The experimentation of objects gifts in the landscape represents basic paper in the construction of a new learning of the relation man/environment, following a conducting wire of the experimentation for the valuation of the way. This valuation is constructed by the perception and the acquired concepts. The metodolgicos aspects of ambient perception tranfer for a search for the space experimentation of a person, a search of the directions, the meaning that it of to the space becoming it the place. (TUAN, 1983) the northeast community of the State of Santa Catarina Has much time comes arguing the preservation and the conservation of the Mountain range of the Sea, without, however to structuralize actions that really contribute for the clarification of the society on the importance of mountain ecosystems and of preservation of its biodiversity. Thus, it is considered that an envolvement of the public power in practical actions for the preservation of the Mountain range of the Sea is necessary, taking decisions more effective in the protection and control in the area of the Mount Crest, having been able to consider, in agreement with the current law, the creation of a Unit of Conservation, in the category Integral Protection, of the type State Park or Municipal Natural Park in the region. How much to the management and the administration of the area it does not have difficulty in if establishing norms that they make possible to structuralize and to lead the works in the unit, being excellent in all the process of creation of the unit of conservation the respect to the ambient legislation and the defining instances of the public politics, over all with the participation of the community, defining for the population that the Units of Conservation are not public squares or urban parks, but yes areas which can contain equipment of leisure, searching, over all to consist in spaces for the preservation and conservation of the natural and historical patrimony. .