Home Designers

Proposal for placement of outlets. To date, every house or Furniture is just a huge number of home appliances and electronics. Hence, the location and number of outlets play a big role in the modern home. I think that special styling apartment did not give the snake elektroudliniteley on the floor and sticking out of the sockets garlands tees and adapters. In addition, their constant use is pretty unsafe. Therefore, the main task of the designer is well placed power, telephone, computer and television outlets that on the one hand they are not sticking out all the walls in a row, on the other – always at your fingertips in a convenient and accessible location. 5.

Proposal for the organization of toilets. One of the most difficult problems for the designer is planning space toilets. Even at the elite apartments footage toilets do not always satisfy the wishes of the owners. Everyone wants to be in his apartment a large bathtub, and another to close could fit a good washing machine, sink, toilet, and often the shower with a bidet. This is not to lose sight of the cupboards and shelves for various perfumes and toiletries. The task of the designer in this case is to combine the desires of the client with the existing dimensions of bathrooms and offer the most efficient use of valuable space, so that when this happened there, where to turn.

6. Proposal for finishing materials. A huge role in how ultimately will look after the housing repairs are finishing materials. To date, the number and variety is so great that a man ignorant in matters of construction to understand them rather difficult, because they all vary in price, quality, durability and environmental friendliness. In this section, the design project you will be offered the best solution for finishing the room, proceeding from the general style of the apartment, the financial desires and aesthetic preferences. Time of execution of this design project is usually about a month and costs from 900 rubles. per square. m. If necessary, you can begin to repair at the time of approval of planning decisions and determine the functional zones. Formulations of design projects of other other, for example, country houses, offices, shops, etc. differ somewhat from the above composition project apartment, but the essence of the designer, namely the development of a beautiful and functional space, which would meet all the needs and financial capabilities of the customer, remains neihmennoy.