To begin by the traditional method to see the announcements of work in local newspapers, announcements in vestibules of Internet, to elaborate a general Curriculum that will have to be adapted to the different works to which we postulate ourselves, to send Curriculum to companies, to review our network of personal communications to say that we looked for work to them, to see the social networks of work in Internet or to register us in some but we are enrolled. If it thinks that no longer it nothing else must do, it can extend a little plus his field of action in localities next to his address. It begins to do a forecast of companies that could need personnel their qualification in next cities where you can move, and returned to begin. There is something evident: at the most time dedicates to look for work will find before it. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Daniel Gilbert. But also it has rather less more evident that, for that reason we do not have to ignore: the downheart, the abandonment and the activity are the worse thing than it can happen to us. Good way to protect us against that moods is to sensitise us of which we have a work, that is to look for work, and to follow a life activates most similar to the one than we took before. Also it is important to maintain the relations that it had before losing its work.

Their companions of profession or colleagues in the old work are those that better can help to find a job him, because they know his abilities professional and they know employers of his sector who can contract to him. Many are those that when they remain without work they also change of friendships and they begin to be related, that is to say, to compatible people but with other unemployed ones. It does not commit the error to leave his old relations when it remains without work, afrrese to everything what it holds to the active labor life. Perhaps it needs also other advice to find a job.