Hungarian Embassy

Young people seem no doubt because to have that Mr will cope with wild garlic in his manner of conducting and even the promise can be remove from the curator not to betray him. Mr wild garlic blurts out again with anecdotes from his life in the GDR in the normal course of the exhibition and vividly reported experiences of the Staatsbuerger education and thereby once again collects sympathy points among young people. Like the young people respond to offers, to read former high about capitalism or a report on the shortage economy in the GDR. Great enthusiasm reaps the scene in Mr Arndt and Mr wild garlic represent the everyday life of a student from West Berlin, Jochen, and a student from East Berlin, Anke, who are in love. When the scene is now introduced for young people, Mr fights wild garlic in his impulsiveness vehemently against this task. Big laughs from the ranks of young people follow when Mr but surly, a bear’s garlic, on the role of the Anke and the Everyday of the 14 year-old Anke von wake you up in the cold oven apartment above the teaching of productive work”in the school plays to the first meeting and phone call with Jochen. As a special and emotional experience – among other things – the scene called in the final round, in the a classmate of Ms.

Pfeiffer and Mr. Arndt, in the roles of Stasi employees, playful as unofficial Assistant (IN the) advertising. This is projected in the other exhibition space for the other pupils on a wall at the same time. As a highlight, the reenactment of the peaceful revolution and the fall of the wall is experienced by young people. Each plays a role here teenager and stations such as the occupation of the Hungarian Embassy, Monday demonstrations, the Politburo of the SED, and finally the wall opening is played together with the actresses.

The young politician of the SED or moderators go up in their roles as border policemen, FRG – GDR, completely and dancing enthusiastically at the fall of the wall on the wall of the game”. A successful end forms the final round, in which young people can give feedback. Feedback is a thunderous applause of young people for the theatrical”exhibition. Mrs Pffeiffer is then convinced by young people to make Mr wild garlic after this successful premiere. “” The screenplay by George Piller, is consciously designed so that young people at the end of the theatrical exhibition “discuss whether governance by the theatrical exhibition” is wanted or whether the Museum staff really previously has not spoken out. “This is the appeal, which is the young people from the first moment of theatrical exhibition” let rip with. The special scenery of Markus Potter, consisting of green wood panels, history in pictures drawn with chalk suitable illustrated the GDR and FRG -, gives the theatrical exhibition”their special Austellungscharakter. Thus, the FUND problem get their attention as real parts of the stage setting. The project finds is funded by the Federal Foundation for the refurbishment of the SED dictatorship and the youth and family foundation of the Federal State of Berlin. Time: 03.11.09 09.12.09 at every working day, each at 9:30 and 11:30, admission is free! We recommend also the performance of the GRIPS Theatre “Lilly unter den Linden”. Venue: GRIPS logins are Center in Podewil, Klosterstrasse 68, on the U-BHF Klosterstrasse (U2) still possible at: GRIPS Werke e.V. Agnes Ehrig, Gwen Schluter, Frauke Backhaus mo. -Fri from 09:00 – 15:00 Tel. 030-247 497 83, fax 030-247-497-76

Industrial Engineering

It was the responsibility of the coordination keeping the programs according to the behaviour and needs of the scenarios. I confess that neglects a little program and enter me most in the Administration and their endorsements. A program that not only participate in their elaboration, but as a teacher. After about 18 years of neglect on this topic, I returned to dabble in the mastery of Industrial Engineering of the University of Carabobo, where I was a few years, especially in the beginning of this mention, program in which only participates as a teacher, although I did reference on several occasions to their weaknesses and strengths in content, especially in its materials according to the business needs that the country requiredabove all, of Master’s in industrial engineering, which bring a new approach to management of production, management of production processes, quality and productivity and ensuring the protection of the environment benefits. I met other requirements other than which they formulate in EGAII. Given that for this time the role of the quality and productivity are decisive for companies for their competitiveness and forces to restructure many of traditional knowledge in function to others that adapt to the business reality of the present.

I was added within the subjects concerning the management of investment projects which I consider important in the formation of the master as well as everything related to organizational behavior and management topics, a great weakness that the engineer brings his initial training. Fortunately the master in industrial engineering program began to make changes to traditional approaches and structured a program where predominate more strengths than weaknesses, that still it remain, especially as it relates to management of production processes, quality assurance; standards of quality, marketing, quality and productivity; strategic planning. What advantageous that it has is that it incorporates the relevance and scope of quality and productivity that the engineer should know to efficiently manage. According to the characteristics of the current scenarios personally endorsed also, my foray by a few years once removed from the masters in industrial engineering and serving me in quality and productivity, I think, that many of the national graduate schools must give way to a new profile of the master’s degree in industrial engineering, a proactive graduatefully trained to manage adequately the productive processes, its operational capacity, for quality and productivity, efficient management quality, strategic planning, organizational behavior, engineering-statistics economic, management and technological innovation, planning and management of total quality, marketing, quality and productivity, the production management, engineering work, professional ethics and management of production costs, personal development. Specifically, we must delve into all matters concerning the processes of production and its benefit in quality and productivity, management, advanced models for control of production and inventories, personal development, technology, production costs and personal development. Graduates will have the competencies necessary to meet the challenges of the current scenarios in relation to the role of technology, quality and productivity that companies favors their competitiveness, will have the ability to use the methods, techniques and modern automated tools to analyze the strategic and competitive positioning of an organization. You can play in positions that demand a proactive leadership, strategist, functional, according to the requirements of the current scenarios as required by globalization labor markets.

United Kingdom

Although not emerging great innovations of financial institutions with problems in Europe, some already are rearranges to avoid suffering at the deterioration of the economic scenario. In this sense, both the British bank HSBC Holdings plc (LSE: HSBA, NYSE: HBC) as the Group banking and insurance belgo-Dutch Fortis, are reducing costs and increasing their liquidity. HSBC announced it would cut 1,100 jobs due to the financial crisis. Nearly half of the affected posts are in the United Kingdom, especially in the section of investment banking in London. The entity had announced last month that its half-year profits fell 28% to $10,200 million. Group banking and insurance belgo-Dutch Fortis announced that it will sell assets for up to 10,000 million euros.

The authorities denied any possibility of problems for the entity and explained: a bankruptcy of Fortis is not for anything topical. There is not the slightest risk that we have to deal with a problem of that type. Do you need Europe have a similar to the U.S. rescue plan.UU.? The first impression that exists is that not. While the crisis has hit the financial system in Europe and there will probably be entities that require cleaning their balance sheets to improve the quality of them, does not seem that a risk of crisis of the magnitude that is faced in the United States there is.UU. But arriving at this height of the circumstances, and against the prevailing uncertainty in markets, it would be convenient that unless European countries working on a contingency plan beyond that the probability of having to be used is minimal.

This suggestion has nothing more than a reason if you like psychological. Is that it would be highly valued by the market which would find peace of mind in knowing of the existence of a concrete plan of action where the situation from worsening. By way of example to understand the importance of this kind of signals to the market, it is worth remembering that Henry Paulson said, while Lehman Brothers (NYSE:LEH), the American Government had not fell thought continue using money from families in more bailouts of entities. Knowing that the risk before any inconvenience was very high, put in jeopardy all the American financial system. I understand therefore, that European countries should send reassuring signals to the market through the elaboration of contingency plans. Meanwhile, since monetary institutions in Europe, with the ECB and the Bank of England to head, working to provide all the liquidity that the market requires to eliminate any kind of tensions that may arise, while awaiting a nod from the United States.UU. with the approval of the mega rescue.