National Curricular Parameters

In the following pages, they glue figurinhas, in which they are registered the Geometric contents, recommended for the National Curricular Parameters. In each lesson the activities are carried through photos of the pupils carrying through and in the following day two monitors of the room, distribute three figurinhas for each pupil; they change that them between itself. In the figures to follow, the pupils make measurements in the patio of the school. In its book, Andrini suggests: ‘ ‘ They choose two colleagues to measure the length of the classroom. They must use the proper step as unit of measure. The gotten measures had been equal? Why? Step is a good unit of measure? ‘ ‘ (ANDRINI, 2002, P. 229). Questionnaires had been distributed the pupils, looking for to verify as an album made or is part of the life of the pupils.

We use the following procedures: ) Photographs of the pupils, in groups, carrying through the activities and transformed into figurinhas, 5 size x 7 cm b) the album with figurinhas glue; the writing of the pupil on the knowledge constructed on the respective content during the accomplishment of the activities. c) The exchange of albums between the pupils, so that a pupil could verify the work of the other colleague. Consideraes final. The work meets in the phase of analysis and evaluation. Through photographs, of questionnaires answered for the pupils, we are analyzing as the construction of the knowledge of geometry occurred in sociocultural context, its attitudes and the importance during the accomplishment of the activities in the school. Based in the importance of the appropriation of the written and said language used by the pupils, this signals that the same ones can construct the Geometric knowledge during the activities in its cultural context. We are in analysis phase, but for however, we evidence that the application of the practical resources, that is, the use of the materials constructed for the pupils, of individual and collective form. Through its cultural context and contextualizando the contents and valuing the participation of the citizen in the construction of the knowledge, it comes to be a possible pedagogical action of being used in the educational process for one better quality in education.

We can evidence the possibilities of development and the learning through real situations of education, as a propitious environment to the development of the pupil, when the citizen answers to the stimulatons and ace interactions in its group. We are analyzing metodolgicos aspects in the education of the Mathematics, carrying through pertinent activities with the work developed in classroom; with the interferences and the performance of the pupils. Bibliographical references.

Rockwell Automation

Figure 4: PLC? Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000. Further details can be found at Drew Houston, an internet resource. The choice of such equipment is justified had to the fact of the integrant ones of the group to have argued which would be 0 variable to be monitored and which devices, or actuators, would be controlled. As characteristic of this equipment that had made of it the ideal device for the necessities of the group we can cite: Type of entrance: CC; Type of exit: Relay; Feeding: HERE; Number of entrances: 20; Number of exits: 12; Analogical: Not Applicable. Type and size of memory: 1K EEPROM (Approximately 737 words of instruction: 437 words of data). Elements of data: 512 internal bits, 40 timers, 32 accountants, 16 archives of control, 105 integral archives and 33 statuses of diagnosis. Tax of performance: 1,5 ms (for one programs with 500 instructions, contends, for example: 360 contacts, 125 bobbins, 7 timers, 3 accountants and 5 instructions of comparison). Instruction of programming: total of 69 Tension of feeding: of 85 the 264 Vca, 47 the 63 Hz.

Consumption of feeding: for 120 Vca we have 29VA and for 240 Vca we have 36VA. For the development of the Ladder diagram, and writing of the applicatory one in the PLC had been used also the following equipment: Handle of programming and applicatory communication with the supervisory one. Figure 5: Handle TC 1761-PM02 This handle is specifies for this model of PLC. Used for the writing and debugao by means of Rslogix500 software. This software is of exclusive use of the Rockwell Automation.

Portable computer Positive Mbile Z85: Figure 6: Positive computer Mbile Used Z85 as platform for the applicatory ones used in the present project. With this equipment it was possible to carry through the development of the Ladder diagram and the Supervisory System. As this does not possess serial interface with compatible connection DB9 with the connector of the handle, an adapting handle USB/Serial was also used.

The Musical

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Paulo Implementation

They observe by means of this study the necessity to program educative actions in these units, to stimulate the participation in lectures and qualifications whenever to occur changes in the conditions of exposition of the workers to the biological agents pathogenic. The observed Institutions made use of basic materials, as gloves, masks and headresses, however nor all the professionals made the use. The health in Brazil is in construction, being necessary to implant changes, mainly on the tack of the professionals ahead of the equipment use of individual protection and in the accomplishment of safe actions in the work environment. Although the knowledge on biological risk, to introduce changes in the practical life of these workers is accepted for minority, being insufficient to get a satisfactory result. References? Galon T, Marziale MHP, Souza WL. The Brazilian legislation and the international recommendations on the occupational exposition to the agents. Rev.

Rio Grande

The present article has as objective to confer a metodolgica alternative, reading of texts that contextualizam the subject human body providing a significant learning. The work was developed in a group of seventh series of a state school of the city of Rio Grande. Angelina Jolie shines more light on the discussion. The results demonstrate that the educandos were accustomed the traditional reading of the didactic book and if they had surprised at the new texts that had been deliver they, provoking a great interest of the same ones for the boarded subjects, raising many questionings during the lessons, that had contributed positively for the development of the activities. The initial difficulties had been cured to explaining the reason to them of the use of texts printed matters and soon, relations of reciprocity and cooperation in the interpretativa search had been established. Introduction: The education methodology is constituted by didactic procedures, that is, for methods and techniques of education that they search to take for practical classroom the pedagogical one, reaching the objectives of the teach-learning that is to make that educating desperte the interest for the boarded subjects in lesson, occurring total interaction between the apprentice and the substance, facilitating the agreement of the same one. A basic and basic form to study is to make the reading of diverse texts. As it has asked for key in this field is the didactic book, which if finds in the schools as tool of consultation and scientific research for pupils and professors. Beyond books, the professors can use resources as reviewed or Internet to introduce the subjects of a contextualizada form more, a time that the texts used in the lessons of sciences are very conceptual and few is the ones that contextualizam the contents with the reality of the educandos. However, contextualizados texts are more easy to work in classroom? To work with these materials they would assist the studies of the pupils in house? Thinking about these questionings, the objective of the article is to analyze as the taken off texts of magazines and sites contextualizados with the substance assist the educandos in the hour to study, aiming at to the work proposal presented for group that was to argue subject body human through texts that relates substance with reality of pupils, so that they understand that the body is an integrated system, that is, see the body human as a whole dynamically articulated, differentiating the systems composes that it, perceiving its specific functions, but at the same time integrated for maintenance of all.