Spreadsheet In Real Time

Thetaris Theta proxy XL ensures high performance Excel Munich, February 14, 2012 – Thetaris introduces the new software Theta proxy XL. The Excel add-in speeds up the execution of complex functions in Excel, in particular user defined functions (UDF) as Monte-Carlo simulations. It is aimed to all Excel users for a very fast calculation of the results of formulas is important. Jim Crane contains valuable tech resources. These include, for example, securities traders at banks and other financial service providers, which must respond within seconds to change the values and therefore require calculations in real time. Theta proxy XL calculates the value of cells containing about complex financial functions in a fraction of the time needed for Excel. Rather than completely replace Excel, Theta proxy complemented XL Excel there, where the performance of the Microsoft tool is not sufficient. Users must not completely switch to a new tool to the spreadsheet, and the installation and use of the software is very easy. Users can easily download Theta proxy XL at Thetaris and install.

So the software can efficiently fast. How high the acceleration by Theta proxy XL compared to Excel is a video on the site by Theta proxy XL. Theta proxy XL is the Porsche “solution for the broader market, with the users get an Excel-professional tool for financial mathematics on the desktop. The software is currently in its kind without competition. Applications are about the calculation of option prices or the hedging (hedging) of financial products, as well as the high frequency trading with extremely short latency time. Excel is ideal for many applications and the most used spreadsheet software. But “some situations require a high computing power, explains Dr.

Andreas Grau, CEO of Thetaris. Here we apply: Theta proxy XL is based on findings from the research on artificial intelligence and Numerics, allow a real time calculation. Anyone who must meet in seconds business decisions based on real-time data, receives a real advantage over users that only with Excel or other pricing tools work.” Complete the Theta proxy XL delivers the results of a function in real time, the software must first once a training phase”.