The Constitution of 1853 anticipated the consitutionality of the Constitutions of the Provinces, had them to the Congress to approve. The Political judgment to the Governors. This is suppressed with the 1860 reform, soon it changes and the number of Ministers from 5 to 8 rises. The Court also incorporates Judges and eliminates the Public prosecutors. The 1860 reform gives a Federal character him. The Senators get up the Congress of the Nation.

The Reformation of 1866. The 31 of December of 1865, the lapsing of the Customs of the National state, Right Rights of Export and Import took place. They are divided in two groups: one wants that the Rights are National and the other wanted that they happened to the Province of Buenos Aires and Corrientes. Another group existed that did not want that there are Rights of Import and export. The group prevails that decides that it continues acquiring the National Government the Rights. The harmed one was Buenos Aires because its entrance of money on the part of the Customs fell that until that moment it perceived by a previous treaty. To Vine shoot President without belonging to Political Parties chooses itself and was chosen like Vice-president Adolph Alsina, these were faced.

Vine shoot made a reform agrarian. It said that the Large estates were not advisable, says that loteos are realised and to give to each east family lot of 100 hectares, so that they work the Earth. It does the armed intervention. In 1869 a census becomes and to like result that the education was deplorable and it decides that it must have intervention the National Government. It founds the normal schools and the primary level, with this reform includes to the woman in the labor market. Avellaneda was elect by Liga of the Governors (particularly by those of the center and those of the north), fulfilled its political platform with its 22 points, begins to appear Argentine Julio Rock, this it assumes as Minister military and it impels a plan to run to the natives realise who it successfully.