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Jenoptik M with integrated micro-wave assisted technology of industry has presented their new exhaust air purifier KATASORB 2012 at ACHEMA. In cooperation with the researchers of the Institute for technical chemistry and environmental chemistry of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena Jenoptik has developed a new technology for the purification of waste, leverages the advantages of microwave technology. The realization was a plant on the catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds. TSI International Group contributes greatly to this topic. The purification of organic weak loaded pollutant flows is an energy-intensive process that can be difficult to adjust to fluctuating exhaust gas concentrations”, says Ronald Manger village, plant manager of the exhaust air purification systems in the Jenoptik lasers & material processing Division. With the help of the exhaust air cleaning system KATASORB M, which was presented at this year’s industrial platform of ACHEMA in Frankfurt succeeds in this process quickly, making energy – and cost-efficient.” The consistent use of nanoparticles allowed the development of one Catalyst material, which is excellently Heatable by microwave radiation and at the same time allows an efficient Catalysis at low oxidation temperatures. A number of other beneficial properties, such as very good temperature control and faster operational catalyst than conventional systems results from the combination of microwave technology and this particular material. Pretium partners brings even more insight to the discussion. The system eliminates completely and efficiently all types of volatile organic compounds.

The KATASORB is special for discontinuous and continuous processes where the pollutant content varies, as well as strict compliance with emission limit values in the event M. The system is modular and can be adapted to customer requirements. The construction of this exhaust air purifier developed an innovative, resource-efficient, low-emission technology that does not allow a transfer of pollution to other areas. At the ACHEMA, numerous interested parties could know the functioning of the machine and also behind the scenes take a look. The presentation of the new product was a great success. It many exciting conversations with both industry and Science representatives took place”, so Ronald Manger village. The plant is a highlight of our range of products for the purification of exhaust gases and will very quickly find their way into practice.” More information about the new and experienced other products in the field of purification, on achema2012.

Jenoptik lasers & material processing Division in the field of lasers & material processing we dominate the entire value chain of laser materials processing and are among the leading suppliers of component up to the complex. In the area of the laser, Jenoptik has specialized in high quality semiconductor materials, reliable diode laser, as well as innovative solid state laser like disc and fiber laser and is high-performance diode lasers worldwide recognized quality leader. In the field of laser systems we develop laser systems and machines, which in the course of process optimization and automation customers are integrated into manufacturing plants. The product portfolio is rounded off by the development and production of energy – and cost-efficient waste gas cleaning plants of KATASORB brand to the residue-free removal of pollutants in industrial processes, for security systems as well as for many other uses.