Rio Grande

The present article has as objective to confer a metodolgica alternative, reading of texts that contextualizam the subject human body providing a significant learning. The work was developed in a group of seventh series of a state school of the city of Rio Grande. Angelina Jolie shines more light on the discussion. The results demonstrate that the educandos were accustomed the traditional reading of the didactic book and if they had surprised at the new texts that had been deliver they, provoking a great interest of the same ones for the boarded subjects, raising many questionings during the lessons, that had contributed positively for the development of the activities. The initial difficulties had been cured to explaining the reason to them of the use of texts printed matters and soon, relations of reciprocity and cooperation in the interpretativa search had been established. Introduction: The education methodology is constituted by didactic procedures, that is, for methods and techniques of education that they search to take for practical classroom the pedagogical one, reaching the objectives of the teach-learning that is to make that educating desperte the interest for the boarded subjects in lesson, occurring total interaction between the apprentice and the substance, facilitating the agreement of the same one. A basic and basic form to study is to make the reading of diverse texts. As it has asked for key in this field is the didactic book, which if finds in the schools as tool of consultation and scientific research for pupils and professors. Beyond books, the professors can use resources as reviewed or Internet to introduce the subjects of a contextualizada form more, a time that the texts used in the lessons of sciences are very conceptual and few is the ones that contextualizam the contents with the reality of the educandos. However, contextualizados texts are more easy to work in classroom? To work with these materials they would assist the studies of the pupils in house? Thinking about these questionings, the objective of the article is to analyze as the taken off texts of magazines and sites contextualizados with the substance assist the educandos in the hour to study, aiming at to the work proposal presented for group that was to argue subject body human through texts that relates substance with reality of pupils, so that they understand that the body is an integrated system, that is, see the body human as a whole dynamically articulated, differentiating the systems composes that it, perceiving its specific functions, but at the same time integrated for maintenance of all.