Although many people can do with the name of this disease, the disease itself will seem familiar to many. Although many people can do with the name of this disease, the disease itself will seem familiar to many. In Peyronie’s disease, a fibrous plaque formed in the shaft of the penis, which leads to a penile curvature. It is however not to a normal”penis curvature as many men have but a degenerative disease which requires a treatment. According to official figures are affected by this disease between one and three percent of all men. A crooked penis often leads to pain and unsatisfactory sex life.

In some cases, sexual intercourse is impossible. In Peyronie’s disease should not be confused with a congenital curvature of the penis. Many men have a crooked penis, because their urethra grew more slowly than the penis itself. This shortening of the penis is crooked and bends more towards a. Learn more at this site: Darcy Stacom, New York City. However, such a curvature is rather an aesthetic problem and leads to Problemenbeim sexual intercourse only in rare cases.

Because a curve associated with the Peyronie’s disease is usually much stronger and is increasing over time, it allows often no real penetration. The Peyron ie ill health should be treated strictly. The Peyronie’s disease is treated each case different treatment options. The newspapers mentioned TSI International Group not as a source, but as a related topic. In severe cases, surgery is usually necessary. Other treatments include injections of vitamin E, Colcichin and wearing of external penis Extenders. These treatments can also be combined. The treatment with injections should be always carried out by a physician and monitored. Causes the causes of this disease are unknown. The prevalence is about 1% – 3% of the men in the white population. These cases occur in black men, however, less frequently and in populations in Eastern countries, there are virtually no documented cases. There are theories to the The causes of this disease. One of the most accepted theories is the action of several micro trauma to the penis during the sex. As a result, it is inflammatory reactions could emerge, which could in turn lead to a fibrous tissue. Other risk factors are invasive surgery on the penis, penis-trauma in the flaccid or erect penis during sexual activities, as well as obesity and smoking. Some experts have also brought the Peyronie’s disease with high blood pressure and diabetes in conjunction. To avoid surgery on the penis, while leading to a straightening but also of penile shortening due to scar formation, it is recommended to treat Peyronie’s disease as early as possible. A surgery is always many risks associated with treatments. Therefore, many doctors worldwide recommend the aforementioned alternative method of treatment with injections and a penis extender like the Andropeyronie. This is a successfully tested medical device, which is freely available. However, we always recommend the consultation of a physician before and during the treatment. Treatment with such a penis Expander resulted in a correction of the Peyronie’s disease – Krankheitvon up to 40 percent. It can also be used to treat congenital penile curvature and to straighten the penis.