Esoteric: basic knowledge before you contact an expert esoteric is the word which describes the mystical concepts to understand themselves better and to find herself. The esoteric and the basic philosophy that is behind it, is practiced by a relatively small group of people. People with esoteric skills can predict the future, interpret dreams, and better identify complex interrelationships. These people are known as astrologers, fortune tellers and psychics. Astrology – the analysis of the life that is esoteric Astrology one of the methods used for analyzing the past and the present and predict the future. The astrologers analyze in different areas such as partnerships, relationships and finances. In our world today many people no longer find the time to themselves to see to better understand their own lives.

With various esoteric methods such as esoteric horoscopes and Tarot reader trained experts, it is possible to solve problems and resolve conflicts. But it is important to meet the astrologer with an open awareness to understand the predictions. Diwali the method to predict the future of fortune telling is one of the esoteric methods for the people interested for centuries. There are now many online portals providing free Tarot card readings and online counseling. These experts offer free Tarot often and many people rely on these experts to a better understanding of their love, to get work and family life. Tarot card readings is one of the most popular methods. Medium and channeling some exciting and insightful people have special spiritual abilities that allow you to act as medium to communicate with supernatural beings and spirits.

These people are experienced clairvoyant and interact with other beings allow you to obtain answers to problems and general advice. It is however strongly recommended to apply only to experienced media and even when it involves a free clairvoyance is conversation, should the consultants have sufficient experience, so that the consultation is carried out not for nothing. Clairvoyance clairvoyance is supernaturally have that perception of events or the so-called sixth sense which we all believe, although in reality only some few people have this gift. The perception of these events can affect both the past and the future. Psychics have this special ability and help others to better understand the past and the future. It is assumed that these people have the ability to perceive things that are outside our observable reality. There are also psychics psychics that are accessible online portals and even free offer advice to persons seeking advice. Esoteric services are becoming increasingly popular in ancient times normal people as well as not even benefited from the esoteric skills of psychics and card inserts. Today, through the spread of the Internet, but virtually every one of the versatile consultants how can the services Counseling and Consulting offer free clairvoyance, benefit. Many people rely on the support of consultants who provide them with valuable answers to many problems. Discussing the problems with experts, helps the people seeking advice very much; both emotionally and psychologically. Through the consultations, it is much easier to think the people seeking advice and negative thoughts can be fought better.

Patricia Hansen

How to avoid a bad mattress buy through individual and independent sales advice good one-third of his life the man in his sleep spends. That is why it is particularly important on the ergonomically correct mattress to lie. But just when purchasing a new mattress many customers feel overwhelmed. An improper and exclusively profit-oriented advice of the seller often leads to the authentic, the consequences can be not only expensive, but also physically stressful. Mattress expert Walter Braun white Council. He advises the mattress buyer individually and independently in constantly changing cities directly on-site. Mattress expert report helps uncertain mattress buyers spot”on the online magazine tips-from the, he explains how his novel idea and what other benefits have the buyer.

Buying a new mattress can be a nightmare for many buyers. Bad advice or an oversupply of mattresses are only two ways, why the customer a bad buy makes. Often, for example the management of a mattress store pretending what mattresses should be sold most frequently, white mattress Advisor report Walter Braun from Munich. Background can be a ubervolles camp with a certain type of mattress. Also the Commission thought of a seller make some sales pitches for the customers the true obstacle course. With the motto, the customer is King”has nothing more to do. Mattress expert Walter Braun had in his over 20 year’s experience often with buyers, who have lost confidence in the consultations through various Fehlkaufe when purchasing a mattress. Sometimes mattress buyer hundreds of kilometres of come to me, because they had purchased one or more wrong mattress complaints then prepared them “, explains he helps uncertain mattress buyers on the spot in the mattress expert report” on the independent consumer portal tips-by IM

They knew more, what mattress any advice she now “should acquire and wanted of course to avoid a more authentic.” To protect the customer from such thereby, he developed a completely new idea. He offers in the whole Federal territory neutral and individual consultations, which are held at the customers directly on site. These consultations are based on ergonomic guidelines as well as independent sales. It aims to find the best mattress for each client. Some advice tours even with the success through the expertise and advice of experts a mattress at, which is far cheaper than a previously advertised mattress. The consultation tour with Walter Braun I found a suitable mattress, in which I’ve been saving 700,00 euro compared to other good models”, explains for example participants Walter W.. This report describes how this consultation tour and what experiences have made some mattress buyer personally. Editor: Patricia Hansen picture: Anton Maltsev –

Transitional Arrangements

Speed pays – 2014 energy efficiency consultants need to invest five times in their training. Berlin, 14.11.2013: In November and December the Institute of management consultancy, IFM, last 2 dates for the course of Supplement to the basic qualification as a energy consultant offers 2009 21 in its old form com. EnEV. Until 31.12.2013, establishing a complementary training with 16 lessons per week is sufficient to obtain the coveted list entry for energy efficiency building and renovation (KfW) which dena. After the transitional period, the stricter regulation enters into force at the turn of the year. From 2014, the amount of the required additional qualification to the 5 times increased to 80 lessons.

Advisor with an existing consultant number (ACFA), which in the list of energy efficiency experts for support programmes of the Federal Government of the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH, dena shortly, would be recorded or want to apply for an extension are all energy efficiency affected by this regulation. Energy-efficient construction, It is politically desirable to refurbishment, as well as the on-site energy consulting. Therefore, the Federal Government supported activities in the areas of energy-efficient construction, energetic renovation and energy consulting with KfW funding. The dena as a coordination unit was established for quality assurance of the advantages of on-site energy advice, planning and construction supervision. Who is registered here, has demonstrated its expertise through appropriate initial training, basic skills and supplement course and is entitled to apply for funding. The additional qualification aimed training according to BAFA guidelines between Nov. and 21 energy consultants, engineers, architects and technicians along with masters and craftsmen with the completed initial qualification com.

EnEV 2009 2001 and 2012. The two-day seminar takes place at the IFM locations Potsdam, Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin Charlottenburg. Seminar begins at the 27.11.2013 and the 18.12.2013 respectively by 9:00. For more information see. Verena Bock

Answers TOPManager

Company Fahrzeugwerk Bernard KRONE GmbH – a company which belongs to the TOP LIST of telematics Ralf Faust is Managing Director for the areas of customer service/service/telematics of Fahrzeugwerk Bernard KRONE GmbH – a company which belongs to the TOP LIST of telematics. Telematics wanted to know from him, how he sees the future development in the vehicle telematics. “The telematics has successfully taken root in the logistic processes of the company. Semi-trailers, trailers and systems are increasingly ordered integrated telematics unit. Currently, we assume that in about two years, every vehicle will have a telematics solution on board. Because not only trucking companies and trucking companies can make more effective their processes thus, shippers also need this data to represent the transport processes transparent. For several years, we observe that the requirements of the telematics features continued to grow.

Information about the entire fleet, including all tractors and towed units, so should ideally be constantly available. Next to the location of a vehicle, currently including the consumption of the tractor, the wear of the brakes, tire pressure, the temperature of the refrigerated semitrailer or the status of the cooling machine are monitored and analyzed. Also, the practice demands that this collected information is centrally stored in a vendor-independent portal. The ultimate keyword is here regardless of the manufacturer”, because the clients don’t want a single party Island solution, but instead all data in a portal as an all-in one solution. This is the requirement of Crown of telematics.

Here, all the information in a database are neutralized; that is, they receive a standard structure. So, another telematics provider’s data can be included and represented in an application in addition to Crown of telematics. Customer benefit is obvious: the customer has always an individual, customized access to all its data regardless of the type of vehicle, vehicle manufacturer, or the installed Telematikbox. In the future the telematics will have not only a pure information task, but via telematics, the freight forwarder can also actively intervene in the action. An excellent example is the control of the door lock, such as E.g. transportation of sensitive and high-quality goods, so pharmaceutical products, tobacco, alcohol, or electronics. Here the door lock of the telematics and a code pad on the trailer is activated or unlocked.

The Warnings

Of truth that becomes difficult believe that managers of public policies are not responsible for the situation of obscurantism that the country is experiencing, and as I said someone the biggest problem lies in that single no is that there is no light, is that there is no lucidez. No country can grow without energy, development goes hand in hand with an intelligent and well planned growth of the various resources involved in the expansion which means an improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants. Give the impression, that this well planned development has not been, so some experts say that the solution will be of medium and long term, is fundamentally not it rains (that helps) but you need to be efficient generating energy and anticipating their needs for consumption at the time. Of the 17 electric companies in Venezuela, only 3 were private. But it is good to warn that those three private companies only accounted for 15% of the assets of the national electric sector, 85% remaining were public. We can not deceive Venezuelans to make them believe that the lack of private investment is the cause of such situation. At the time of the enactment of the LOSE noticed the professionals in the sector and more specifically EDELCA professionals, about the need to increase the thermoelectric power plants at a rate of about 700 MW of annual generation. Also, we noticed about the need for modernization and expansion of transmission systems to 765 kV, 400 kV and 230 kV and corresponding subtransmission and distribution of electric power systems.However, despite the warnings made, EDELCA continued with the unique plan of infrastructure development that has remained constant in their development in Venezuela and thanks to which we are not to obscure all Venezuelans all hours of the day and night. We refer to the development of the lower Caroni.

Measuring Iron Lady

Music-Cabaret: 30 July-11 August 2013 except August 4 – di – SA 20:00, 19:00 the next Federal President is popularly elected. And it will be this woman. Because the Kuster is the iron lady,”after our soft-washed country so desperately craves. It is the perfect changing of the guard for the morally run-down greeting uncle of the nation – a force of nature, equipped with rapacious mind and exuberant moral size. The versatility of the Kasha is phenomenal. Whether as a more official or verbiesterte emancipated as a hilarious sex pasta or exciting Femme fatale – this woman stands in the middle of life. The self-confessed reenactments”proves humor with a sharp mind and has the talent, even brilliantly to present themselves.

Not ending applause after two hours Cabaret at its best!” (Wolfsburg General) Further informations under card phone 030-883 15 82 or cards including all fees: Presale 22.00 27.00. “AK 19.00 23.80 discounted tickets to the box office: everything is 12.50 the press on the programme position” Word effusions full of punch lines? Brake. Prussian charm is the hallmark of Barbara Kuster. Entered to face the ever rampant Coddling, the Brandenburg cabaret inspired equal on two evenings in a row with their best-of – program attitude is everything”in the fisherman’s House. Snappy amusing entertainment lovers were fully at their own expense. (…) In their more than two-hour program, Barbara Kuster brings the high politics and the small dramas of everyday life to the point. Ironic and cynical, she comments current events, time wrapped in everyday stories, a little bit in inconspicuous subordinate clauses.

(…) The audience laughed tears. Without the addition was the power woman at the end of the stage. Wesermarsch district newspaper, 08.03.2012 Prussian Rockrohre (…) Energetic song and dance machine razor-sharp parodies? From the time when Barbara Kuster which takes stage, changed something in the room. In this case, peak, which is packed on this cold winter’s night. It’s like, all spectators would take attitude internally before a woman at first glance almost nondescript. As staunch reenactments in Bavaria it asserts itself, determines the speed pretty fast pace that may be not entirely unanstrengend according to the announcement,”but everyone immediately ripping. Barbara Kusters off 20: 00 shot back”is about two-hour program. Follow her like, can surprise and trap and finally enters the laugh about themselves, the society and the policy. Well observed and razor-sharp Kuster parodied herself, her family, Angela Merkel, Marlene Dietrich and again as it would get over Tina Turner. You dances and sings it like a soulful rock tube and turns into the cuff of the accurate precise reenactments with Secretary glasses and black Female costumes to the unstoppable dancing, exactly taken any sound singing and dancing machine. No wig, no costume, posture, hip swinging and gestures. (), 14.02.2012 contact: Sabine Wenger Presse and public relations / press officer and Public Relations 030-39 06 65 65 the theatre tents “TEPEE at the Chancellery” and the “BAR of any reason” are stage for concerts, shows, chanson and cabaret in Berlin.

Nonfiction Book Reviews

The free science journalist reviewed non-fiction by almost 30 publishers in addition to articles on archaeology, cultural, or also the reviews of material and textbooks is a focus of the editorial services of Wolfgang Schwerdt maritime history, as well as topic-related exhibition and event reports. Here are not only the popular title of the relevant publishing in Central, rather to succeed Wolfgang Schwerdt repeatedly, to introduce special books for an archaologisch-they interested audience. The addressed target group ranges from the laity about the Reenactmentszene to the technical students and academics. After the special companion books to exhibitions, a group of publications reviewed by Wolfgang Schwerdt represent the search. Including published outstanding books, which are distributed exclusively through the Museum’s own sales and even in the relevant online – book markets are best used to find can be found directly by museums. Excellent books to the by Wolfgang Schwerdt served topics are also found in the English-speaking area.

Here Schwerdt reviewed also publications from specialty publishers like “Osprey Publishing” alongside books by audience publishers such as “randomhouse”. But time and again, the publications of English-speaking university publishers, who repeatedly succeed at all scientific, to attract a readership wide with regard to qualifications are especially interesting. The review pool for the media just the editorial service of Wolfgang Schwerdt has 100 reviews that are published on the online platforms history magazine and suite101, currently on sale. Publications from the years 2008 and 2009 are the majority. And of course, the pool of qualified reviews which is can draw interested media on request, constantly extended with current releases. The archaologisch-cultural topic entails but also, that “the special book” to a particular subject or topic just is not new. Therefore also older books in the review pool can be found, as an example “Viking am Rhein 800-1000” mention of 2004 or “The Pepper Wreck” of 2005 here. Skills confidence 20 so far German- and 6 English-language publishers trust Wolfgang Schwerdt on their books to review, knowing full well that he basically committed to the reader and not the Publisher with his reviews. The German publishers: Theiss, Klett-cotta, Philipp von Saverne, Mare book, Herder, Koehler, Thorbecke, euregioverlag, dtv, fast & steiner, Primus, Cosmos, Neckar-Verlag, fiber optic, RGZM, Linden-Museum Stuttgart, past Publisher, Hall Publisher, convent, Wallenstein, the English-language publishers: boydell, randomhouse, Dover Publications, Osprey publishing, Texas A & M Press, with press Wolfgang Schwerdt

The Ombudsman

On the other hand, sometimes the decision of granting the dation in payment entity takes both interests, commissions and miscellaneous charges accumulate. Pricing of homes, may be also different lower past the time when it comes the time of the auction. People affected by the mortgage platform and several groups more even collected signatures for an ILP (legislative Popular initiative) on the dation in payment that is retroactive. Declaration of insolvency not an appropriate procedure for the legal treatment of the insolvency of natural persons is regulated in Spain, says the Ombudsman; Many ask their regulation since, currently, a person is declared bankrupt does not allow to cancel debts, although you can defer some payments. The Confederation Espanola de organizations of housewives, consumers and users (CEACCU) asks you to match families and companies, so that they can liquidate their debts with assets available at the time of the bankruptcy.

And consider that a family is bankrupt when it is not possible to pay off your debts (mortgage) with their assets (salary, allowance) available. The debt could renegotiate, retaining housing, or you could resort to the enactment. The Ombudsman speaks of a release (of the debt) which allow start again and avoid social exclusion. The PSOE, for its part, proposed an out-of-court procedure prior to the bankruptcy to give solution to not wilful subsequently overhang and lengthen deadlines for evictions. Social rent are often demanding in many cases, especially in processes that affect immigrants or families at risk of social exclusion. Once presented a claim of foreclosure for non-payment, the Bank can buy the property at the subsequent auction that you can also declare void or another buyer, almost always at a price that is around 50% of its value (or even less) if there are several auctions. There are occasions in which families are still living in houses that are already owned by the Bank and, basically, expect to get them the warrant of eviction.

Hungarian Embassy

Young people seem no doubt because to have that Mr will cope with wild garlic in his manner of conducting and even the promise can be remove from the curator not to betray him. Mr wild garlic blurts out again with anecdotes from his life in the GDR in the normal course of the exhibition and vividly reported experiences of the Staatsbuerger education and thereby once again collects sympathy points among young people. Like the young people respond to offers, to read former high about capitalism or a report on the shortage economy in the GDR. Great enthusiasm reaps the scene in Mr Arndt and Mr wild garlic represent the everyday life of a student from West Berlin, Jochen, and a student from East Berlin, Anke, who are in love. When the scene is now introduced for young people, Mr fights wild garlic in his impulsiveness vehemently against this task. Big laughs from the ranks of young people follow when Mr but surly, a bear’s garlic, on the role of the Anke and the Everyday of the 14 year-old Anke von wake you up in the cold oven apartment above the teaching of productive work”in the school plays to the first meeting and phone call with Jochen. As a special and emotional experience – among other things – the scene called in the final round, in the a classmate of Ms.

Pfeiffer and Mr. Arndt, in the roles of Stasi employees, playful as unofficial Assistant (IN the) advertising. This is projected in the other exhibition space for the other pupils on a wall at the same time. As a highlight, the reenactment of the peaceful revolution and the fall of the wall is experienced by young people. Each plays a role here teenager and stations such as the occupation of the Hungarian Embassy, Monday demonstrations, the Politburo of the SED, and finally the wall opening is played together with the actresses.

The young politician of the SED or moderators go up in their roles as border policemen, FRG – GDR, completely and dancing enthusiastically at the fall of the wall on the wall of the game”. A successful end forms the final round, in which young people can give feedback. Feedback is a thunderous applause of young people for the theatrical”exhibition. Mrs Pffeiffer is then convinced by young people to make Mr wild garlic after this successful premiere. “” The screenplay by George Piller, is consciously designed so that young people at the end of the theatrical exhibition “discuss whether governance by the theatrical exhibition” is wanted or whether the Museum staff really previously has not spoken out. “This is the appeal, which is the young people from the first moment of theatrical exhibition” let rip with. The special scenery of Markus Potter, consisting of green wood panels, history in pictures drawn with chalk suitable illustrated the GDR and FRG -, gives the theatrical exhibition”their special Austellungscharakter. Thus, the FUND problem get their attention as real parts of the stage setting. The project finds is funded by the Federal Foundation for the refurbishment of the SED dictatorship and the youth and family foundation of the Federal State of Berlin. Time: 03.11.09 09.12.09 at every working day, each at 9:30 and 11:30, admission is free! We recommend also the performance of the GRIPS Theatre “Lilly unter den Linden”. Venue: GRIPS logins are Center in Podewil, Klosterstrasse 68, on the U-BHF Klosterstrasse (U2) still possible at: GRIPS Werke e.V. Agnes Ehrig, Gwen Schluter, Frauke Backhaus mo. -Fri from 09:00 – 15:00 Tel. 030-247 497 83, fax 030-247-497-76

Unmissable Places Of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the European cities most visited by tourists eager to visit the capital, both by attending conferences, meetings and all kinds of exhibitions that are held in the city. It is the second most populous city in Spain and has very pleasurable and interesting places as well as a captivating and hectic nightlife. The activities that we can do in this great city: from walking along the Ramblas to enjoy street musicians and living statues, passing through walks in Tramvia Blau to climb to the top of the Tibidabo and see the magnificent views of the city that appears at his feet, or even wandering along the Passeig de Gracia to see the better-known boutiques in Barcelona. The architecture of the city is amazing, different museums, historic buildings and galleries to explore. The Gothic quarter of the city is fascinating to explore and will take you back to the old traditional Barcelona. Although the streets can seem darker, you can venture in search for buildings more impressive. The streets are old style and are dotted with cafes and bars located in the buildings of the 14th century. The city boasts a wide range of accommodations, hotels and youth hostels in barcelona to suit all tastes and budgets.

Places you should not miss: Paseo de Gracia (Casa Batllo and la Pedrera): it is a stately boulevard with buildings and national and international luxury business. It has an unmistakable style thanks to modernist architecture. Gothic quarter: Is the core of Barcelona where the city was born and where are the major public buildings: the Palau de la Generalitat, the Town Hall, the Palau Reial. Holy Family Church: Is Gaudi’s great work without a doubt. The great Cathedral of banner of the more modern architecture and Gothic inspiration was the biggest project of his life and his more beloved and funded dream. Nature-related reasons are represented in all the work of Gaudi. Enter the Sagrada Familia is advisable to go to the elevators that lead to the highest towers, then began to descend from its same bowels. La Rambla: Undoubtedly is the most visited place in Barcelona since it’s one of the most frequented and most emblematic streets.

This area is where we find artists, mimes, shops of animals and to florists in Barcelona. Barceloneta: La Barceloneta is the Marina district of the city (is the neighborhood of fishermen and beaches). Avenida Diagonal: Such as its name indicates it us; is trafficking in a way serves as a nexus between the Eixample and the area more high in the city. It is currently one of the city’s busiest streets. Olympic village: Olympic village is built on a careless and ancient area that was previously dedicated to industry. Fortunately the area has been completely transformed and recycled on the occasion of the Olympic games that took place in 1992 and today sets up one of the areas that bears the most avant-garde architectural wonders of the continent. Tip trip courtesy of we guarantee minimum prices for the market in cheap hotels in Barcelona. To stay at one of the cheap hotels in Barcelona you choose to save on accommodation and spend on fun.

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