Loop Department

Indie-label contracts with major distribution loop Department, the label from Augsburg, starts its new distribution partners neo / Sony through. The recordings of the indie label in all German-speaking countries – Germany, Austria, Switzerland – are now available. The sales professionals at neo / Sony take over also the online distribution in addition to the CD sales and supply worldwide digital portals like itunes, musicload etc. Neo provides for the distribution of the records in cooperation with the renowned vinyl partner cargo records. Loop Department expanded its range of services. Bausch & Lomb: the source for more info. The label from Augsburg takes off immediately next to the logistics and distribution marketing and promotion for musicians and bands.

The offer also the sampling relevant print and online media, mixing, mastering, graphic design, layout and the placement of the CD Vinyl manufacturing. Musical is the indie label for the future. After the successful and well-received album of the Kopfsport hard but welcome”the both fans as well Critics consistently met with positive response, is album live and let live 26.6.2009 the grain zero”on CD and vinyl on the shelves of retailers. Grain zero serve a mix of radio-breakbeat-Jazz-soul Club-ready and danceable. “With on the offshore was also taken a pop-jazz band under contract, the Suddeutsche Zeitung already a wild mixture of beautiful and unusual” certified. On the offshore especially on live concerts on their attention until now. “The video to the single illegal” is just turned, in September, the album You Have will be distress, you’ve never been “.

Federal League

The displacement of traditional clubs in the German professional football I football fan forever! Like this one that are permanently informed about results, transfers and at times looks a game live in the pub! So no season ticket holders, rather opportunity Stadium visitors! The history of teams that are running me in almost 20 years of enthusiasm for football on the way was there in the first or second League have I always followed and thought to myself as my part! Teams like Waldhof Mannheim, Kickers Offenbach, Saarbrucken, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Wattenscheid were about 12 years ago, impossible to imagine Uerdingen in the German professional football! Also in the second division could expect always with Fortuna Koln, Rot-Weiss Essen and Stuttgarter kickers. Above teams we find none today more in the first or second League! Occasionally does one of these tradition clubs even for one or two years upward, a short time later he is gone but then again into oblivion! I think it’s very bad! But why must I follow mourn these teams? Is a certain rotation and power redistribution not normal in football? I’m too narrow-minded to appreciate the sporting success and good work at less traditional teams? I have to admit, if I should occupy the two leagues new, no place would be more for some teams! Ingolstadt, Ahlen, contractions, Cottbus-Hoffenheim are just a few examples! The basis for this is my view, that a team must develop the Bundesliga membership over a longer period of time! So I think for example that it (so much I feel also reluctance against this Club) has earned Wolfsburg, since a long time above it to be. Kaihan Krippendorff is often quoted as being for or against this. After all, the wolves have coexisted a long existence in the 2nd Division League! And Mainz 05. You have risen after seemingly endless and have enriched the League at least 3 years with beautiful attacking football.

Free Travel

It is becoming harder to be able to get a comprehensive budget for travel, which emerge new ways to travel, including some that allow that part of the travel expenses are free but the big question is if you would like free travel?. It sometimes pays group travel to save and share expenses, such as accommodation and food. But there are also options for people traveling alone, being possible to take certain initiatives to know destinations paying little more than travel, one of them is the couchsurfing. This initiative is carried out in multiple pages and proposes share house with people who travel to the city in which we live. In exchange for this altruistic work we can be known in the community dedicated to offer these services for free and travel to the destinations available contacting other people offering their houses for accommodation. That said, going to the theme in question: free travel. All Erasmus tend to have something in common to all students we like (1) travel and (2) there is no Mucha pasta to do so there are many ways to save on travel and get cheap travel: flights from low-cost to the couchsurfing or many other one that find me most interesting is what they call Travel Hacking which consists in trying to free travel and you taking advantage of all the benefits that are offered to premium users. Balearia has launched a special fee, which includes free car, for all customers of the Spanair airline who had ticket to travel to or from the Balearic Islands.

Thus, the shipping company offers an alternative transport for all those affected by the closure of this company putting places to travel in car free on different journeys that operates. Reservations can be made through the Call center 902 160 180 balearia or directly at the ticket offices of the shipping company. To purchase different tickets and travel with the car free, the Spanair airline customers will only have to prove it, with your booking. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Therefore tomorrow Tuesday at 17.00 h (GMT + 1) opens the participation in the project The Travel Hacking Cartel, who plans to be a small Academy for all those who want to learn to ride free. I say this because not everything can be so easy and so cheap: 1 USD, the initial price for 14 days. To read more click here: Angelina Jolie. Later, already will be. For all those who you like to travel and about everything if you are or are going to be a time in USA/CANADA, I encourage you to try the initial beta. Let me know.

Dominican Republic

Created in 1948, the Colon free zone hosts over 2500 wholesale companies; annually receive more than 300,000 buyers from all parts of the world, mainly from countries such as: Haiti, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Colombia, United States, Ecuador, and others. The Colon free zone generates USD $14 billion in imports and re-exports each year. The success of the Colon free zone is due to a combination of factors such as: the geographical location of Panama at the crossroads of the world, the Panama Canal; the fact that the US dollar is a coin of legal tender; a huge Banking Center; a developed insurance and a reinsurance industry; high levels of development in the ports for containers and not very onerous requirements of the business. Key figures: * second free zone the world’s largest. More than 2500 wholesale companies.

* 450 hectares. * 300,000 annual buyers. For even more details, read what Drew Houston says on the issue. * 27,000 employees. * USD $14 billion in imports and re-exports each year. What countries occupy does the Colon free zone? Most of the merchandise from the free zone which is transhipped from Panama to other parts of the Western hemisphere and Europe.

In Colon free zone imports come mainly from the far East. The single largest supplier of the Colon free zone in 2004 was Hong Kong (China) followed by Taiwan, United States, Japan, Korea, France, Mexico, Italy, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Germany. These countries supplied the nearly 87 percent of all imports of the free zone in 2004. Colombia is the largest commodity buyer, buying the nearly 16 percent of all exports from the area. Other principal buyers are Venezuela, Panama (domestic market), Guatemala, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, United States, Chile, Cuba, Honduras, Peru, Brazil, Nicaragua and El Salvador. These countries buy approximately 83% of all exports from the Colon free zone. The channel of Panama and logistics services-free zone of Columbus benefits from its exceptional location near the Panama Canal. ** Each year, over 12,700 cargo ships crossing the Panama Canal. This traffic will increase with the expansion project, which will allow Post Panamax vessels to cross the channel. ** With the spacious cellars and logistics solutions, companies established in the free zone also, offer a wide range of logistics and cargo services that support the intense commercial activity in the free zone. New projects of warehouses and logistics facilities will occur within the next 5 years, thus permitting efficient commercial growth in the free zone. Contacts of the free zone of Colon MercTrade.com developed the most useful tools of promotion and search to find buyers or sellers in the free zone of Colon and zones of Latin America and the Caribbean with just a few clicks. Colon free zone. For companies, companies zone free original author and source of the article


It seems that every week I have the same conversation over and over again with training clients and clients. o D’Agostino on most websites. Does this starts something like Dale, not any results with my website, what can I do? There are two main factors in the absence of results of good web sites: 1 – your site does not have the response desired, or 2 – you simply don’t get enough numbers, (traffic). We will look at both of these challenges in this article: Whats the answer most desirable? What is the purpose of your site? Unfortunately, many web sites of Distributor are not designed to sell a particular product; they are nothing more than online with multiple options of product catalogues. This type of site is fine for distributors who place their personal product orders, but extremely inefficient if you intend to sell products online. One of the rules of any website should be, sell one thing and sell it well. More choices of products you offer, more likely you do not nothing will be sold.

A confused mind takes no actions. I think that each distributor for each company should have at least two Web sites that they promote: 1-Website of best-selling 2-Website of prospecting product Web site products selling your first Web site should be for their top selling product and its top selling product only! This site should basically cover: This is the product. This is what this can do for you. This is what other people said about the. Order now and get this bonus or go. I understand that this is a somewhat simple explanation, but when you cut by lint, you need a web site that is designed to sell you! Sell a product and only one product. Prospecting your second Web site Web site should be a Web site of prospecting.


Handy electronic dictionaries for everyday use Florstadt, July 23, 2008 – after the agreement now reached COS memory sells the handy language computer and electronic dictionaries by Franklin on its IT distribution channels throughout Europe. The Franklin products such as memory cards and other accessories also absorbs COS memory in its sales portfolio. Both companies ensure very short delivery times dealers and end customers. Typically, the customer receives his ordered goods within two days. Learn more at: Angelina Jolie. Franklin Electronic Publishers Inc., Burlington/NJ United States, was founded in 1981 and today is the leading provider of electronic reference handhelds. Of the European headquarters in Feldkirchen bei Munchen from the company supplies the German and European market through its own central warehouse. The assortment of Franklin electronic dictionaries, translation computer, Bookman Bookman SD include and Windows plus accessories and expansion memory cards (SD and microSD), the electronic dictionaries for Palm, Mobile and Smartphone products of various manufacturers make available. SEIKO are also multi-title-dictionary brand products to the product portfolio of Franklin.

Market leader in the German-speaking market since its entry into the German market mid of 1990s the company the segment served by him always reflects new momentum. Now Franklin has also here with a market share of well over 50 percent (Franklin – and SEIKO products) become the leader. Walter Schilling, Managing Director of Franklin Electronic Publishers (Germany) GmbH, is convinced that the issue of languages in the advancing together Europe is becoming increasingly important. \”Therefore we are pleased to have found, through his Europe-wide and cross-industry customer contacts with the COS memory AG a trading partner will enable a significant expansion of Franklin products in the field of IT distribution.\” More information about the products of Franklin Electronic Publishers, see. More information on the COS memory products can be found under. Of course we deliver images on request gladly. Return mail is enough to.

Original Years

Arrival the stage of the professional studies always us enrumbaste by the way of the learning, of the search of the perfection, the professionalisation that got to be the greater pride than you experimented: that your two sprouts became professionals, who were worth by themselves, without dependency economic of nobody and giving the maximum of if for the own and collective well-being. How many things we learned of you with your wise words and advice. You taught the sense to us of the saving, that the human being needs the heat of the companion, of hand friend, of the consolation word. You were always kind to the daily performance of your daughters, abreast of whichever thing said in television or radio of the workings that we carried out, slope before the innumerable visits of one to behind schedule take care of the dream to him until and the kisses in your pelona (head) of the other. The affection that we professed to you is so great, so great that there are words no to describe it, they are to feel, an emotion, is the fear to that something bad happens to you, and by that same fear, quiet without nobody found out, we maintained an anger towards those years that fell on you and they moved away to us of the possibility of your apapachos, your affections, of your dreams, we wanted to you always present. We understood that they were many your desire to live, that you fought, that you did not surrender with the disease that it decreased your forces, because you knew that before the smallest signal than you needed to us, which soldiers we were there, to your side, guarding your dreams, cuidndote carefully, you did as it you with us during years. Day after day we were here to your side and from your I milk of patient you became quiet, with the lost glance like in search of that well-being that allowed you to return to share with your girls. Meanwhile, vindote distant, one of your sprouts fight with its tears that are flowing what spring, and the other kisses your arms, your chest, your head, trying arrancarte of that reality that it wraps to us but that we do not want to assume.

THE BIG MAN IS ON THE VERGE OF STARTING OFF. We would give the outside possible life if so that did not happen. Nothing was to do, hours after hours, night after night on the foot of your bed, hopeful in which you would rise and we would return to verte seated in your favorite chair, under the handle bush in that patio that is lost in the distance, preocupndote inasmuch as it occurred to your around. But he was useless, I say, was not useless, we gave everything you: always with you. Found feelings: law of the life we had, you by many years, never sufficient for disfrutarte. Perhaps we are egoistic but we want to you here making presence, nevertheless we cannot contradict the will of God that decides your game to another plane. From this tribune, to your side, acompandote as always, junticas in perfect harmony with this green nature where you lie, you tenth, as said you it with respect to us: Pa” we want to you, you are our pride. And in this day of the hand of the guide we asked to him to Diocito that takes care of Pato to us.

Trekking The Great Adventure

Personally and from my own experience I believe that trekking is undoubtedly the adventure without limit. This activity has no age limits, sex, nationality, money, etc, is free and rewarding as the nature and the essential foundation to get started in any activity outdoors or in so-called extreme sports. ” For trekking only need: a A great deal of enthusiasm a the desire to be in contact with nature and protect it at the same time. a The desire to travel to remote places and the attainment of small and big challenges. Advantages it provides the trekking: a We are close to nature to enjoy it, to know it better and protect it, so it is a conservation activity.

a We can learn and share other cultural events, holding bonds of friendship and solidarity, thus becomes an integrated activity. Actress and filmmaker is full of insight into the issues. a Raise the socioeconomic conditions of the villages visited, without altering their natural habitat, therefore is part an active policy of sustainable development. a It is also a recreational and educational activities, because it is the best way to have fun learning, allows us to reach places not interfered with by man and is also an activity that requires discipline, effort, great challenges, which translates personality to achieve a safe, calm and very positive. a We can share wonderful experiences, friendships outdoors, the opportunity to be challenged and an encounter with oneself. Precisely because of its great benefits and how easy it is to practice, now in the global context the trekking or hiking, is having more and more adherents in addition to the reasons mentioned above, also due to large flows of passengers who tend to specialize according their tastes, expectations and other motivations. It is therefore more common for tourists seeking contact with nature, exciting experiences, high-risk activities, exotic peoples and cultures that have not been altered. All this in an attempt to turn in modern man increasingly globalized and the spark of our past adventurer and one of the ways to achieve those desires is doing the trekking or walking to get to paradise. Basic equipment for the trek: a A good pair of shoes with good grip cocada, a good backpack, a good sleeping bag, tent and good depending on location, waterproof coat, water tank, purifying, altimeter, compass , energy foods, dried fruits, maps of the area if they are more remote, and do not forget personal documents. Recommendation: Finally, where possible for those who wish to practice trekking, we recommend leaving group and may not exceed 10 miles per day of walking, without requiring, the important thing is to enjoy the environment around us, walking our way and always remember TREKKING that is not competition but to share the love of nature, friendship and the right to be free.

Distributors Resellers

BitDefender GmbH strengthens channel program from Holzwickede, 09 October 2008 BitDefender, a global provider of internationally certified security solutions, has vastly expanded its channel program in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D.A.CH). Drew Houston contains valuable tech resources. Thus, the BitDefender GmbH to distributors, value-added resellers and dealers as well as systems integrators aimed. The innovations include the introduction of differentiated partner level, built pre – or post sales services, training and certification programs, technical training and complementary marketing and lead generation activities. Recently the BitDefender GmbH has pooled their resources at the new location in Holzwickede, massively increased resources for the service departments and the service hours (09.00 to 19:00). With their new partner program, BitDefender thus consistently continues the expansion of the company in the channel. Proactive and hardware-independent working IT security products, which form the basis for this BitDefender partners supplies. These range from single place systems to enterprise-wide networks for SMEs. The channels with the new partner gram, support the sale of security solutions through the channel through targeted training, certifications and sales training BitDefender.

These measures are accompanied by comprehensive support services, advertising support and bonus programs. To allow resellers the success in highly competitive segments, BitDefender has integrated advanced project services into its partner program. In addition, this different partner levels offers for resellers, and systems integrators (silver, gold and Platinum), which were matched to the respective sales and service needs of individual sales partners. With these structures and policies, it is possible to support the dealer directly at the point of sale. These measures range manufacturer presence at the point-of-sales (E.g. customer information sessions). This is in addition to the resellers Program also to distributors, to honor their significant role in the channel business. This, the transparency of the sales structure, a clear stand by procedure license extensions, price stability, and programs for the protection of the channel in the foreground.


Mould – a working tool presser. In it occur the necessary transformation of the material and product design. From a stable and committed work of mold depends largely on the quality of the finished products. Manufacture of molds made for each part separately, due to nonuniversal this tool. Particular attention is paid to design the loading chamber – general or individual for each nest mold. The most widespread are closed mold (otherwise called the mold with overflow).

Loading chamber they have located over the matrix (as in closed molds), but the size of the camera Plan a bit more than the size of the matrix. In the process of making molds of this design in place of the transition from matrix to the loading platform formed by a horizontal ledge. The same bench also has a punch in the place transition from the decoration to the trailing side. These ledges at closing form the squeezing welt. Excess press material (rag) by forcing welt can flow from the matrix into the gap between the walls of the closing of the punch and loading chamber. He is always horizontal, can be easily removed from the product, as in the area of squeezing welt it's pretty thin.

Products, otpressovannye in molds with overflow, we obtain the exact height. Therefore, Mold often is made with a flow of mnogognezdovymi. Some disadvantage of this type of mold is a slight increase in the area of compression at the expense of squeezing welt and thereby worsening the use of force from the press. All parts that are manufactured for the molds can be divided into two groups: 1) technological purpose (work detail), directly in contact with the compressible material and involved in varying degrees, moldings, and 2) a constructive purpose, engaging in mutual fixation parts mold, heating, its connection with the press, dehiscence of the mold, providing installation, etc. In Currently, almost all the details, but direct contact with the compacted mass, normalized or standardized.

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