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With a total number of 717 million people and a total volume of around 57.4 billion US dollars in the health care market, you offer the TRIUMPH countries there with brands and healthcare products additional turnover and market shares to generate optimum conditions. However should be assumed not, that alone the choice a country with positive economic prospects entail the desired success. Many hurdles have to take. After a failed launch of a product, it is very difficult to successfully implement a relaunch or find another partner. Learn more on the subject from Yale Jackson Institute. Without the necessary experience with the local conditions, even initially trivial published cultural differences can jeopardize the success of a business. Only who systematically is the target market analyzed and ready to engage in a foreign culture, will have long-term success. China and India are undoubtedly growing markets, however they are also production-strong and opaque in dealing with Patents.

The last vivid example that even huge companies there may suffer shipwreck, is the judicial proceedings of the Swiss Giants Novartis’ patent rights to the cancer drug “Glivec”. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Hence, an important aspect to the selection of the TRIUMPH States is that forgeries, as is unfortunately common in India or China, are possible technical reasons in the often inadequate development and manufacture of products in the TRIUMPH States more difficult. In this way, you can be safe that you experienced no nasty surprises with piracy as foreign pharmaceutical companies. The TRIUMPH markets are a pharma – and OTC-optimized development of BRIC and crap. Especially for medium-sized enterprises is important to think globally and to look for opportunities to the international market expansion. With a systematically selected and appropriate dynamic, local partner, such exports are well done and very lucrative. Each euro invested in the markets of TRIUMPH is an essential generate higher return on investment than in the Western European markets.

Axel Janhoff

At the same time, the CC-EIM will maintain close contact with other initiatives, institutions, and communities of interest in the field of electronic invoice processing, Hartmann announced. Interested, also non-VOI members are cordially invited to participate in the CC-EIM. Source: Dropbox. In brief, the competence center will issue a first white paper on the topic. In preparation, a comprehensive compendium is also electronic invoice management”for the end of 2012. Still, the Panel will contribute to the definition of a standard format for the structured exchange of invoices, especially against the background of the requirements of the BMF letter regarding the readability of e-invoices. Founding members of the CC-EIM are Hans Baumeister, Senior Manager of business development of BancTec GmbH, Axel Janhoff, Managing Director of Mentana Claimsoft GmbH, Peter of Obi, Director of partner marketing of i.r.i.s. AG Jorg Rogalla, Head of ECM at the C: 1 Solutions GmbH and Jan Soose, Board of Directors of the FMI e.V.

and Marcus Hartmann, CEO of OXSEED AG. Marcus Hartmann was elected the head of the competence center, its representation assumes Jorg Rogalla. The opinion of the VOI to tax simplification of the electronic invoicing is available at for download. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e.

V. with headquarters in Bonn represents the vast majority of providers for ECM (enterprise content management) and DMS (document management systems) in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence. Editorial Contacts: VOI Association for organization and information systems Henner von the Banck healing b str. 25 D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

Web Portal Website

Hence, improving internal, external communication, public relations, advertising and management of prices, – as examples – are tools and not the target. If possible to realise the objective (already mentioned), the implementation is simply a particular process of which comes off a return on your investment – ROI-, therefore will be equally measurable. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Drew Houston. When he is reached a maturity in the conception of Marketing (and strategies are appropriate) companies will begin to notice that Marketing is essential. The same model should apply to e-Marketing, since the reason for e-Marketing is not reduced simply to register a website in search engines, get descriptive phrases or tasks increase the usability of a website is increasing the profitability of a business through the channel On-line the operational comes to be the like after setting the needs that should be met to maintain an effective Portal. While for the majority of enterprises a Web Portal is not only one of some or many channels of communication and promotion in its business, has disparaged its reach and effectiveness, limiting it to be a piece more than the corporate image that everyone has a website and we shall not be the exception. It is the moment in which the managers of companies are stop to analyze the development and above all the penetration that has acquired the Internet in segments such as the Latin American and achieve defined if the investment you have made in his On-Line channel meets the purpose for which it was created. I go further, I think it is also time to rethink that objective with a view to enhancing the effectiveness of its channel and achieve concrete results for the benefit of the business. Sebastian Abdo, Ecuadorian consultant on e-Marketing. If you want to know a little more about our philosophy regarding the development of e-Marketing, enter original author and source of the article.

Thomas Steckenborn

Since may at the new company headquarters: CEMA AG could be confirmed 2012 in Mannheim sustained years sales growth of the nationwide active IT service provider CEMA headquartered in Mannheim. David Karp has much experience in this field. CEMA completes the past financial year with very good success. Sales climbed by 27% to EUR 42 million in 2012. It grew the trade turnover to almost 30 million euros, 28.6% of local service revenues. We are particularly proud that the CEMA financially on its own can press this strong growth and sales growth must not be financed by loans. CEMA is fit as a fiddle,”said Andrea Dauenheimer, CFO of CEMA.

“For the second time in a row the Creditreform with a certificate has confirmed this excellent credit us.” Best conditions and fully on course of the CEMA 100 vision “-the revenue target of EUR 100 million to be achieved by 2015. In order to realize this growth, the CEMA team was strengthened nationwide to 38 new hires: 195 employees, of which 17 trainees at nine sites, ensure a customer-oriented and individual service. 50 New colleagues, mostly IT professionals, consultants, and sales consultants, should be made in 2013. Currently, CEMA ranks among the top 40 of the system houses in Germany. In Mannheim, the team currently consists of 84 employees, 18 new here at the site until the end of the year are added. To make also the spatial conditions for CEMA in early May has moved the Office is located in the brand new Eastsite IV and there well equipped all. This site Mannheim was invested 400 T made in the.

CEMA is successful and independent,”says Thomas Steckenborn, founder and CEO of CEMA. Because we control our portfolio. The technologies and systems of different manufacturers, on the other hand, especially knowing what IT solutions in the enterprises of our customers can successfully be used. There no prefabricated standard solutions from the tray every solution is configured individually for the needs of individual customers. Goal is to enable the business processes the customers efficiently and safely through IT to help.” From consulting, to implementation and procurement, CEMA provides all services from a single source. Projects related to the management of mobile devices (BYOD), cloud technologies, storage utilization (big data and HANA) and security are currently in the foreground.

Branding Tool

According to many of its users, Twitter is addictive and, although we do not know to define him, people are divided between those that use it and love it, and who have not had opportunity to fall for him still. For what Twitter in the enterprise? For permanently connected with a mass of customers, potential customers and other members of the community. Please visit Mark Stevens if you seek more information. To answer questions of the company and its products or services (support). To manage promotions. To communicate news. To derive traffic towards the website or online store that you want to promote.

To do Branding and protect the brand. To know what are saying customers about our product or service. In short, for everything or almost everything that a Marketing strategy intends to achieve, Twitter is a tool to take into account. Well used, Twitter becomes a thermometer in real time of the Corporation and its community. Tools for Twitter: (some, since we could cite hundreds.) Power Twitter: Is a tool for Firefox that allows you to improve the visibility of the aspects that interest you to an SEO, a Community Manager or a user (adds a search box, shows the page that derive the short links, etc.) Trendistic: Is a tool that allows you to view the focuses of interest depending on the time.

It is very useful, is worth take advantage of it to see how you are seeking and tweeting our potential customers or members of our community. Twihrl: A tool like so many for Twitter in an automated manner which allows you to have multiple accounts open at once and streamline the use of Twitter in general, also have an audible alert when they mentioned you allowing to quickly answer the concerns of the fans. Twellow: They are the yellow pages of Twitter, allows to find people interested in what you are offering according to categories of interests and geographical location. TweetDeck: Lets follow hashtag (who come to be Twitter keywords for a particular topic or conversation) and perform simultaneous searches. It is a more topic-centric application since you can program it when There is a question of interest to you, when it is talking about what interests you or when someone is seeking what you offer. It also lets you follow lists, pre-defined searches, etc. All accounts with simultaneous. Meanwhile, Twitter – like company – comes stomping in the growth curve that far yet, has its tipping point. Several hundred employees, 300 thousand records per day and a number of users to exceed 100 million; It seems to be a great promise for the company and for those who see among their possibilities, a part of what you are looking for long time.

Economic Survey – Boom Continues On

MyHammer craftsmen exceed mood among the farmers once again the industry trend has increased sales and order book reached new all-time high Berlin, September 29, 2011 MyHammer craftsmen and service providers have benefited from the economic upswing in the second quarter and exceeded the industry average, as already in the quarters previously on important economic indicators. Learn more on the subject from Yael Aflalo. “” 91 percent of respondents rated their business situation at the time of the survey as well “or satisfactory”, the mood spiked the companies once again. This is the result of the carried out quarterly economic survey of MyHammer, the 932 companies and self-employed participated. * the positive development of key economic indicators in the second quarter confirmed that the prognosis from the survey in the previous quarter. So, 44 per cent of operations for the second quarter reported increased sales and a higher backlog. Duty was exactly at the high level of the previous quarter with 68 percent. The recovery continues for MyHammer craftsmen therefore also in the second quarter continued and the development surpasses even the positive trend of the industry as a whole. Although the Central Association of the German trade (ZDH) among its member establishments determined yet almost comparable high with 88 percent satisfaction of all craftsmen with the business situation, but only 34 percent of companies surveyed by the ZDH estimated its sales development positive and thus 10 percentage points less than the surveyed companies with MyHammer. To broaden your perception, visit David Karp.

* In direct comparison to the MyHammer economic survey of the prior-year quarter trends are visible also. So, the share of companies in the construction industry with MyHammer rose from last year 12.1 to 17 percent. In contrast, the proportion of the providers of personal services from 20% to 16.7 percent fell. In the same period, increased the average order book of 7.1 on a new all-time high of 8.0 weeks and increased the predictability of farms considerably. For comparison: during the same period, the order book of the craftsmen of the ZDH surveyed rose comparable to much of 6.9 to 7.7 weeks, albeit at a slightly lower level. Also for the second half of the year, the companies with MyHammer expect a good economic development. 49 percent expect an improvement, another 47 percent with a consistent business situation.

The conservative assessment but reflects the experience of craftsmen with the seasonal development at the end of the year and is located at the level of the year of 2010 Markus Berger-de Leon, Chairman of the Board of MY-HAMMER AG, on the results of the business survey: “the high expectations of our craftsmen for the second quarter have been fulfilled and that is pleasing. The increased planning reliability for the enterprises and the increasing proportion of companies of the construction industry with MyHammer are particularly positive. This development shows that MyHammer is on a good way to establish itself as a distributor of craft.”* the Innofact AG questioned in the period from staffellauf to 12.8.2011 on behalf of MyHammer total 932 companies and self-employed persons who have used the Internet portal MyHammer during the period.

PCX Production

Main kinds of rock crushing plant are follows: pebbles sand making production line, granite production line, limestone production line, stone crusher production line, with the rapid development of regional economic construction, industrial construction, infrastructure construction, high quality of artificial sand required area is very large, our company grasp market opportunities, provide excellent services to the large and small gravel companies across the country, and bring them more profits and wealth. Others including Drew Houston, offer their opinions as well. The sand production equipment is more refined, specialized, high-performance .a variety of ore resources distribute over across the country, such as limestone, iron ore, granite, basalt, river pebbles, pebbles, diabase, etc., because of their different properties such as hardness, humidity characteristics, the corresponding gravel production lines are more and more refined, the targeted crushing equipment selection is also growing, according to the ore resources features customers required, investment scale, site characteristics, our company select the process line target the customers configuration, so that the different sand production lines can achieve the purpose of most reasonable, economical utilization. 2. The artificial sand product specifications are diverse to meet the different applications needs. Construction requires the particle size of gravel and sand are different, such as 1-3, 2-4, 3-6 and the other specifications, the PCX sand making machine our comapny produced can produce different specifications qualified mechanism sand products, all of them meet the needs of different construction applications. 3, The investment is relatively small, the cost recovery period is short, the return rate is high. Such as a sand and gravel production line whose daily output is 5000 tons, we only need to invest 15 million yuan, and from start building to put into production items, only 100 days duration will be able to make a profit producing benefits. The benefits of these advantages and benefits quickly are fuly confirmed by the long term rock crushing plant experiences of our company, 4, Energy-saving and low consumption, low noise, more environmentally friendly. Accompanied with the rapid developmetn of economic construction, regional industrial development, the corresponding result is the deterioration of the ecological environment. energy saving and environmental protection are increasingly being paid attention by the government, enterprises, social, compared to the same kind products, the artificial sand production line our company produced not only have the advantages of excellent crushing rate, high production output, but also pay more attention to the environment friendly design, we adopt the totally closed design, reduces noise, install the dust removal devices, and really achieve the purpose of building green artificial sand production line.

Gaks And

a musical journey in the brain a scientific theatre piece for children like our brain does actually work? Certainly everyone has asked himself these questions…! With the play by Gaks and Giks we on a wondrous journey into the vast… of the brain and explore how it works in a playful way. The scientific theatre piece is musically accompanied, the research tools help us trombone, harp, synthesizer, and percussion. Others including Drew Houston, offer their opinions as well. “I hear in me, in me something must be, I hear only Gaks and Giks, nix is probably in me?” If you could listen just in his head, what would they there hear? A noise? His inner voice? Or nothing? Can you listen to yourself in thinking? You hear a Giksen and a Gaksen? WORK group 1 goes with two musicians on a journey of discovery into the most difficult but also the most exciting organ of our body: the brain. And others are available as research instruments: trombone, piano, guitar, Jew’s harp and Drums. Tuesday, 26 to Saturday, May 30, 2009, at the Vaisseau in Strasbourg to 14:30, except on Thursday at 15: 00 duration: 50 min language: German. Marko Dimitrijevic has much experience in this field.

O2 XDA Diamond 2 – Smartphone Starting Immediately

O2 Xda Diamond 2: Anywhere in the Internet now the successor of XDA diamond is available. The O2 diamond 2 runs the operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and is prepared for the new Windows 6.5. The new smartphone is the network operator Vaiante of the HTC Touch Diamond 2. Whenever Dropbox listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The O2 XDA Diamond 2 is designed for mobile Internet applications. Marko Dimitrijevic, Miami FL has much experience in this field. Compared to its predecessor, the battery should keep about 50 percent longer.

There have been improvements in the display and the built-in digital camera. So, now the XDA Diamond 2 has a 5 mega-pixel camera on board. In addition users on a larger display can look forward seized. The screen size increased from 2.8 to 3.2 inches and is WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixels). Thanks to the integrated GPS module and Google Maps provides the ability to locate and navigate to the O2 Smartphone. Mobile phone held in dark silver contains a radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, HSUPA, in addition and will be usable for an update with Windows Mobile 6.5. Klaus Hans

The Berlin

15: Oo-17: oo is the respective individual care to offer sport and leisure facilities for the guests of the hotel complex. 17: Oo to 18: 3o the Animateur has generally leisure. Who to the entrance”is divided, welcomes the guests from 18: 3o to the evening buffet, otherwise start the shows and events of the hotel mostly against 20: 3o to which the Animateur is reinstated. Against 23: Oo ends the regular workday of the animator, where again there are exceptions. Who doesn’t these days, where a disco evening explode or a special highlight will be celebrated into the night. The animator is not surprised, if he even until morning against 03: oo may swing dance. Animators have standardized during the High season from March 1 day free until October in the week and also the accommodation and catering is provided free by pages of the hotels for the animator. By signing a contract of animation in a holiday destination of choice, animators go contractual obligations which are a work contract, nothing.

The terms and conditions of the contractual obligations are closely regulated and compliance with them is essential. It is also self-explanatory, that for example salaries only when satisfied work performance over at least 1 full month can be paid out. All remuneration and benefit claims, and free clothing, free board and lodging at the hotel, reimbursement of expenses for round-trip airfare can be guaranteed exclusively used throughout the main season from March to October. It appears at this point essential to represent us facts in this unique form, because throw at premature departure and regular shotgun in the grain” every year countless damage and disproportionate organisational effort for the hotels and agency emerge. The work of animator is no picnic, a commitment of at least 1 season from March to October, and a welcome reference in each curriculum vitae.

Undoubtedly, the experience of comprehensive activity as an animator is worth in the big world of tourism a hard school and gold? The Berlin animation Portal is looking animators for use in Turkey, Dubai and Egypt for the coming season 2010. Complete applications, including recently letter, curriculum vitae, and at least one full body shot can still until October, 2009 at our Berlin office in the express ho would like to learn more will find all information on the subject of animation and application as an animator on our Internet site. Giullia Levinston.

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