New Charter Base In Belize

New, advanced Yacht Charter offers at Scansail yachts In November opened a new base in Placencia, Belize Sunsail. Waiting in the LAD Beya Resort Marina from the coming winter season various catamarans, which particularly for exploring the small island and the coral reef before the coast of Belize’s own. If you would like to know more about Mark Stevens, then click here. Belize is located between Mexico and Guatemala on the Caribbean coast and offers a perfect base for a varied sailing Charter in the Caribbean Sea sailors. The coast of Belize extends over 300 km and is ideal not only for sailing but also snorkel or dive. The country offers interesting opportunities for the holidays with its tropical rain forest, varied landscapes and cultural attractions. Hundreds of islands off the coast form a 480 square kilometres large sailing area. The waters are protected by the upstream of the coastal reef, the second largest coral reef in the world and the longest in the Western hemisphere.

The station offers optimum and constant conditions sailing with short distances and require some experience in the coastal navigation. Inside the reef the water is quiet with a few waves. Swarmed by offers, Don Mullen is currently assessing future choices. Constant temperature between 24 and 29 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The eastern trade winds blow throughout the year with 15 to 22 node. The months of January to April is the best time to travel. Charter guests may sail within the reef.

A local skipper is required for trips outside of the reef. Belize is ideal for catamaran sailing. Sunsail offers the new, award-winning awards Sunsail 384 catamaran at the new base. The arrival is according to Belize with a stopover on Belize City to Placencia. Transfer takes only about 10 minutes from Placencia airport to the base in the Laru Beya Resort Marina.