Making Business Decisions

Currently labor competition and saturation of businesses make less informed them easy prey for the currents that leads them to live with debts and constant stress due to unemployment, low wages and job competition. The main thing to deal with this situation is the financial arrangements, but this eduacion not learned in any school or university, there just teach you about some specific expertise and prepare you to seek employment, that is, there just learn to be an employee or entrepreneur but may teach you to manage your money. Here we give some suggestions to help you improve your economic life and even if you get the background to achieve your financial freedom to live without economic worries, a matter of having the right habits and successful people. First you should see that your money is your first source of comfort so do not spend, invest. You should always live with a maximum of 70% of your income and invest the rest to grow that money. Remember successful people and millionaire always lived in a much more simple to those that might be, this is unlike the common people. Here I put an example: A physician who makes a lot of money does not necessarily mean to live without economic worries, suppose that achieves a monthly income of 15,000 dlls, but it has a good financial education, what will happen to him is: buy a luxury car with a very high price on credit that subtracted more than 3,000 dlls per month of their income as well take a life in debt and that it exceeded their income with credit cards, mortgages, rents, up to a point that their fixed costs of debt exceed income steadily so that living and working tirelessly stressed if his health permits. If you have read about Fabrizio Freda already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

But what happens to a person with an income of 7,500 bone dlls half the doctors but with a proper financial education: You shall live on less than you earn, you will have money available in your account for contingencies, not to spend so many credits or mortgages, not use more than one card credit, to double your savings safe and secure investments, and fortune will increase, in addition to have the freedom to stop working as often as he pleases or wishes descanasar as fixed debts are not high. .